Monday’s Den: Wrapping up another quiet weekend…….

13) There were live sports Sunday that weren’t on TV at 5am; no offense to the KBO, but was good to watch live golf Sunday afternoon. Golf would seem to be the sport that loses the least by not having fans there, since golf fans are supposed to be quiet anyway.

12) Daniel Berger got his third PGA Tour win in a sudden death playoff against Collin Morikawa; Berger birdied the 18th hole to get into the playoff. He now has 28 consecutive rounds of par or better, longest active streak on Tour.

Berger’s three PGA wins have occurred on:
June 11
June 12
June 14

11) If you’re feeling bad about your golf game, Rory McIlroy shot a 41 on the front nine Sunday, no bueno. He slipped to T32 for the week, earning $41,875.

10) MLB and the baseball players didn’t agree to how the season will start, so the commissioner will decide about this, hopefully before the leaves turn colors. 

Owners are a bunch of rich people who could give a rat’s ass about the fans; they want the playoff money from the TV networks, and will do the absolute minimum to get it, so we’ll get a 48- or 50-game season, then the playoffs, with everything ended by Halloween.

Just announce your plan and lets get on with it; spare us the awful commercials where baseball pretends it does stuff for charities. They had a big chance to do something for the whole country this spring, give it a diversion, but they screwed it up, and screwed it up big-time.

9) I’m watching the 1971 World Series this weekend, that’s what its come to, watching 49-year old ballgames. Game 6 of the ’71 Series is a Saturday afternoon game; during a pitching change, Curt Gowdy is reading college football scores. Don’t think you’d ever hear something like that today, but have to admit, it was pretty cool.

8) Back then, no sporting event on a Sunday in Baltimore could start before 2:00pm, so Game 7 started an hour later than it would’ve in Pittsburgh. Colts’ home games also started an hour later than the other early NFL games.

7) We do have some baseball going on, its just in Korea, and they play at 5 in the morning; SK Wyverns won the KBO two years ago under former Royals manager Trey Hillman, but he is a coach in Miami now, and the Wyverns are 12-23 so far this year- they don’t hit much.

6) Hanwha Eagles snapped their 18-game losing streak early Sunday morning, beating the Doosan Bears twice; the 18-game skid tied the all-time KBO record, equalling the 1985 Sunni Superstars, who not only lost 18 in a row that year- they got sold during the season, and changed their name DURING THE SEASON, to the Chungbo Pintos.

5) KBO hitters don’t take enough pitches; if Billy Beane ran a KBO team, he’d be tossing furniture all over the place, watching them hit. Wonder if Matt Williams is trying to instill a more patient approach with his Kia Tigers.

4) ESPN’s Kyle Peterson worked a KBO game Saturday morning; he is excellent, has a great voice. Why doesn’t the network use him more on national games?

3) NHL training camps will open July 10th; they haven’t said when the games will be played, or what two cities will host the games, but sounds like Las Vegas is one of the cities.

2) When baseball starts up again, Toronto Blue Jays may not be able to play games in Canada; their spring training home in Dunedin is a possibility, or they could share a domed stadium with another team. Lot of details/logistics are being worked out behind closed doors. Just hope they hurry the hell up and figure them out.

1) Doctors and scientists are the people who were smart kids in school; they studied, worked hard and now they help keep us healthy/alive. We should listen to them.

As I type this, 117,527 people have died from the Coronavirus; scientists and doctors tell us if we wear masks when we go out in public, then that will help deter the spread of the virus, so fewer people will die going forward.

How difficult a suggestion is that to follow? Why would you not believe it?

Wear a freakin’ mask when you go out in public, it is not that hard; the life you save might be..….your own. 

TV highlight of the day: Watching the live golf tournament was an improvement over Sundays the last few months. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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