Monday’s Den: Wrapping up a very quiet weekend…….

13) Kansas 75, Memphis 68 OT— They replayed the 2008 NCAA title game on CBS Sunday; Memphis led by 9 with about 2:10 to play, had Derrick Rose on their team but couldn’t put the game away. I’m sure they were thrilled to see this on TV again.

Was good to hear Billy Packer call games again; he was very good at his job.

12) AFC South QB’s, 2019/2020:
— Texans: Deshaun Watson/Deshaun Watson
— Colts; Jacoby Brissett/Philip Rivers
— Jaguars: Nick Foles/Gardner Minshew
— Titans: Marcus Mariota/Ryan Tannehill

11) I’m watching the Matt Damon/Robin Williams movie Good Will Hunting the other night, and they show Carlton Fisk’s dramatic home run from the ’75 World Series.

One of the other clips was just of Reds’ reliever Pat Darcy warming up, before that inning started; imagine now, 45 years later, Darcy seeing himself in a movie? Obviously he wasn’t happy how things wound up, but has to be kind of cool to be in a well-known movie.

10) Keno Davis has been the basketball coach at Central Michigan for the last eight years; he is the son of Dr Tom Davis, who was a very good coach at Boston College/Iowa, and later, Drake.

Keno Davis’ first head coaching job was in 2008, at Drake in the MVC, where he took over from his father. Davis led the Bulldogs to an amazing 28-5 season (they had been 56-142 in MVC games the previous 11 years), but they lost 101-99 in OT to Western Kentucky in the first round of the NCAA’s. Kid on WKU banked in a 3-pointer at the buzzer.

Drake was a 5-seed that year; since then, Wichita State in 2014 is only MVC team that was seeded higher than that. When the Shockers made the Final Four in ’13, they were a 9-seed.

Anyway, Drake had that one great year and Davis bolted to Providence, where he went 46-50 in three years, 18-46 in conference play. From there, he went to Central Michigan.

My point in all this is if you’re a coach and you have a really good year, why leave? I know Drake isn’t a basketball power, but in eight years at CMU, Davis is 59-83 in MAC games, so maybe he’s no great shakes either.

9) When the Indianapolis Colts signed Philip Rivers, they cut Brian Hoyer, who figures to wind up back in New England with the Patriots, where he could be the starter for a while, until they draft a young QB to build around.

8) It is weird watching CNN and seeing Anderson Cooper broadcasting from his home, instead of a TV studio. His house looked pretty nice, though.

7) Remember when football parlay cards were a big thing? You had to pick at least four teams, win them all, and if you had $1 on a 4-teamer, you collected $10 for a win. When I was in high school and college, they were a solid source of entertainment on football weekends.

Flash back to December 17, 1978, last day of the NFL regular season. My father and I played a card every week, and it was a big deal to us. Not much money, just the satisfaction of winning.

We hit the first three games that week; our last game is Chargers over the Oilers in the Houston Astrodome, two good teams going at it. Can’t remember the spread, but it was small. I was the student manager of the basketball team at U of Albany and we had practice, so I grabbed a bunch of quarters and went to practice.

This is way before cellphones, so the quarters were to call my father on a pay phone for score updates; every time I called, Dan Fouts had thrown another TD pass— San Diego pounded the Oilers, 45-24. My dad was very happy. We won a lousy $10, but it seemed like a lot more.

6) I’m sure you all woke up this morning and asked yourself; who was the best teacher I had in high school? Well, I was thinking that a little while ago, and here is my answer.

I was/am a nerd, not good with tools, but I took shop class all four years of high school, and one of my teachers was a guy named Joe Botta. Big Joe Namath fan (this is back in the mid-70’s, don’t forget), an excellent teacher, very patient. Somehow I got thru all those classes working with wood without losing a finger— I even made a chessboard and a cutting board.

So 18-20 years ago, I’m at a high school football game around here and the QB for Burnt Hills HS is wearing white cleats with his burgundy uniform, which was very unusual then. I look up the kid’s name in the program and sure enough, his last name is Botta. Joe Namath wore white shoes, too.

I’m thinking the good teachers don’t get thanked near enough. Thank you, Joe Botta.

5) QB Case Keenum and his wife must be very good at packing:
— 2014-15: Houston Texans/St Louis Rams
— 2015: St Louis Rams
— 2016: Los Angeles Rams
— 2017: Minnesota Vikings
— 2018: Denver Broncos
— 2019: Washington Redskins
— 2020: Cleveland Browns

4) Graduate transfer basketball player Seth Towns bolts from Harvard to Ohio State; Ivy League players can’t use a 5th year of eligibility if they have one, so the oft-injured Towns moves back home to Columbus. Towns missed the last two years with injuries, but was a productive player his first two years at Harvard.

3) Next time there is a football season, how many fantasy teams are going to be named “Coronavirus” or “Abundance of Caution”?

2) There is lot of interesting content on ESPN+ and it only costs $5 a month; these days, solid entertainment for $5 a month is a good value.

1) When you get to be 60 years old, you realize that time is an important commodity, maybe moreso than money. I feel like we’re being cheated out of time right now, that this situation should’ve been handled sooner than it is/was. Hopefully the scientists will hit the jackpot, find a vaccine fairly soon and things can get back to normal. 

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