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13) Average salary in the major league this season is $4.41M; it was $4.17M last year.

Weird thing, though, is the top 100 highest-paid players earn 49% of all the salaries. 

12) Median salary in the major leagues is $1.2M this year; that means half the players earn more than $1.2M, half earn less than $1.2M.

Seven years ago, the median salary was $1.65M, so in that sense, the players have gone backwards a little with their salaries. 

USFL Week 2
11) New Jersey 10, Michigan 6:
— Thru two weeks, Jeff Fisher’s 0-2 Panthers have scored 18 points.
— Generals outgained Michigan, 258-183.
— Neither team scored in second half of this game. 

10) Philadelphia 30, Pittsburgh 23:
— Each team had a pick-6 in first 8:00 of this game.
— Philly QB Scott threw for 272 yards, three TD’s.
— 0-2 Pittsburgh’s backup QB is Kyle Lauletta, who spent a year as the Giants’ backup QB. He isn’t better than Josh Love?

9) Birmingham 33, Houston 28:
— Stallions outgained Houston 391-285.
— Houston lost despite scoring a couple defensive touchdowns.
— Birmingham QB Smith threw for 229 yards, two TD’s. 

8) New Orleans 34, Tampa Bay 3:
— QB Sloter threw for 266 yards, two TD’s.
— Breakers were +3 in turnovers; they outgained Bandits, 374-194.
— Tampa Bay completed only 11-28 passes, for 96 yards. Rough day. 

7) New Orleans QB Kyle Sloter can write a hell of a book someday; quite a journey he is on. 

Sloter first went to college at Southern Miss, then transferred after two years to Northern Colorado, where he threw 29 TD passes in his one season as the quarterback.

From that point, here is his career path:
2017— Denver Broncos practice squad
2017-18— Minnesota Vikings practice squad
2019— Arizona Cardinals practice squad
2019— Detroit Lions practice squad
2020— Chicago Bears practice squad.
2021— Las Vegas Raiders practice squad.
2021— Minnesota Vikings
2022— New Orleans Breakers, USFL

New Orleans looks really good early this season; can Sloter parlay that into a spot on an NFL roster this fall? 

6) College sports is going nuts, with this NIL stuff where players can get paid. Read on the Interweb this weekend that a kid who will be playing quarterback at Tennessee this fall has an NIL deal worth $8M. Backup QB’s in the NFL might be jealous of that deal. 

Texas A&M supposedly spent $25M on this year’s recruiting class. Coach better win, and win big, with that kind of money on the line. 

5) Most sweeps in playoff series by NBA coaches:
17— Phil Jackson
12— Pat Riley
9— Gregg Popovich
8— Billy Cunningham

4) When Utah Jazz came from behind to nip Dallas the other day, they became only the 5th team in last ten years to win an NBA playoff game, after trailing by 4+ points in last 40 seconds. Teams had been 4-701 up until then; now they’re 5-706.

3) NBA playoff scores from Sunday:
— Bucks 119, Bulls 95 (Milwaukee leads, 3-1)
— Nuggets 126, Warriors 121 (Golden State leads 3-1)
— Heat 110, Hawks 86 (Miami leads 3-1)
— Pelicans 118, Suns 103 (series tied 2-2)

2) If the baseball playoffs started today (they don’t):
AL— Tor/NYY, Twins, Seattle. Wild Cards: Tor/NYY, Angels, Tampa Bay
NL— Mets, Cardinals, Dodgers. Wild Cards: Giants, Rockies, Brewers

1) 12 of 30 major league teams are hitting .225 or worse; this isn’t good. Offense is fun, so what if the games take a little longer. Oakland A’s just scored three runs total in a three-game series, and they actually won one of the games.

— Was putting a humidor in every ballpark a good idea?
— Are the baseballs less lively this season?
— Can we ban shifts starting on Memorial Day, instead of next year? 

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