Monday’s Den: Wrapping up a sports weekend

13) Been wondering about this for a couple years, and stumbled upon the answer Sunday; an Olympic gold medal is worth $800, if you melted it down. A silver medal would be worth $500 or so, a bronze medal $5. Don’t melt down your bronze medals. 

12) Was watching the Spain-Slovenia basketball game at 5am couple nights ago, they finally showed a basketball game on regular TV. Slovenia won; Spain will play the American team in the Round of 8 coming up next.

Recent US-Spain games in Olympic/World Cup games:
2016— USA won 82-76 in Olympic semifinals
2012— USA won 107-100 in gold medal game.
2008— USA won 118-107 in gold medal game.

Closer than you might think, right?

11) There will be even more basketball on TV next week, when the NBA Summer League kicks off from Las Vegas, from August 8-17. I’ve been to the summer league few times; it is excellent entertainment, guys play their butts off, trying to get invited to NBA camps, or to get lucrative contracts overseas. Not too many guys take days off for load management in summer league.

10) Imagine being Dave Martinez or David Ross, managers of Nationals/Cubs; you’re trying like hell to lead your team to a winning season, then in the middle of the pennant race, your boss dumps eight of your best players in trades for prospects. Not good.

Translations: Cubs/Nationals will suck next year and who gets blamed when the team sucks? The manager, not the GM who traded away all the good players. Time to update your resumes, guys.

It is especially tough for Dave Martinez, who won the freakin’ World Series two years ago.

9) Not to rub it in any, but Kris Bryant homered in his debut for the Giants Sunday, after Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo did the same thing for their new teams.

8) Young guy who is a cashier at the grocery store I go to often wears a Javier Baez Cubs jersey while he works; wonder if he’ll get a new Baez jersey or switch to another Cubs player.

7) Last month, Mets drafted Vanderbilt P Kumar Rocker with the 10th pick in the baseball draft, but they opted not to sign him this week, because of issues/non-issues with his elbow. They forfeit his rights and instead get the 11th pick in next year’s draft.

Kumar Rocker can go back and play at Vanderbilt next year, but scumweasel agent Scott Boras indicated that Rocker won’t be doing that. If there really is something wrong with his elbow, another year of pitching for free isn’t going to help his elbow or his bank account any.

On the bright side of the Mets bungling this deal is that Houston did the same thing a few years ago, and with their comp pick, they drafted Alex Bregman, so this many still work out for them.

6) Mets went 14-13 in July, which doesn’t sound like much, but they doubled their division lead during the month, from 2 to 4 games. NL East ain’t that strong this year.

5) Bronx Bombers haven’t scored a first inning run in their last 19 games; with the top-heavy lineup they’ve assembled the last few days, that should change soon.

4) Minnessota Vikings fired their offensive line coach because he refused to take the COVID vaccine, but now their backup QB Kellen Mond tested positive for COVID and starting QB Kirk Cousins is a close contact, so training camp will be messed up for a few days, at least on the offensive side of the ball.

3) Orioles’ P Matt Harvey has had a rocky road the last few years, but something he’s doing is working; in his last three starts, Harvey threw 18.1 scoreless innings, winning all three starts for a pretty bad team.

2) A’s 8, Angels 3— Oakland is 4-1 since the Starling Marte trade was announced. Yan Gomes hit a long home run Sunday, and P Daulton Jefferies got his first big league win.

Some A’s fans were bitching on social media because Oakland traded Jesus Luzardo to Miami, so Jefferies’ win Sunday shuts them up for now, since he is filling Luzardo’s shoes. 

Newly-acquired Josh Harrison is wearing #1 for the A’s; couldn’t remember many A’s who wore #1 since 2B Dick Green did during the 70’s glory days, so I looked it up. 

From 1976-2009, no A’s player wore number 1; long time. Ka’ai Tom wore it for nine games earlier this year, Franklin Barreto wore it few years ago, but since Billy Martin wore #1 while he managed the A’s 40 years ago, its mostly been in mothballs.

1) Wonder what it is like to turn down an offer for $44M to play 82 basketball games? Chris Paul turned down his player option of $44M from Phoenix for next season- that would’ve worked out to $536,585.37 per game, and HE TURNED IT DOWN!?!?!?!?

Will be very curious how much he winds up signing for, or does he just bolt to the Knicks, where his endorsement potential would be through the roof. 

Kawhi Leonard turned down a $36M option for next year and he’s recovering from a torn ACL. Go figure. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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