Monday’s Den: Wrapping up a sports weekend

13) Mets 7, Pirates 6:
— Michael Conforto hit the game-winning homer in the 9th inning.
— Pittsburgh scored 6 runs in first inning, never scored again.
— Travis Blankenhorn homered for the Mets, the 451st player to do that.
— Mets TV guy Gary Thorne called Conforto’s home run Sunday; back in 2004, while working for ESPN, Thorne called a home run that Conforto hit in the Little League World Series. 

12) Milwaukee Bucks try to win the NBA title at home Tuesday night, so the Brewers moved their home game with Kansas City to Tuesday afternoon.

11) If you to make a money line wager on the Super Bowl, it is AFC -130, NFC +110.

10) Only 10 of 32 NFL teams have the same head coach they had four years ago.

9) Texas Longhorns fired HC Tom Herman last winter, after he went 32-18 in four years, 22-13 in Big X games, 4-0 in bowls; Herman is now an assistant coach with the Chicago Bears.

8) White Sox P Carlos Rodon has three games this season with 10+ strikeouts and no walks; before this season, in 92 career starts, he had done that once.

7) Atlanta Braves are actually trying to compete for a playoff spot; they acquired Joc Peterson and Stephen Vogt to fortify their lineup. 12 days til the trade deadline; what else will happen?

6) Jockeys at Saratoga were telling TV guys that they think racehorses are running faster this year, with fans back in the stands. Hopefully the horses I wager on Wednesday will be thrilled by my presence and will run very, very fast.

5) Saturday, the Cubs used five pitchers in their 4-2 win at Arizona; all five pitchers walked the first batter they faced, the first time that has happened in a big league game since Texas used five pitchers who also walked their first batter in a game at Toronto in June, 1980.

4) Fantasy baseball update; over the last five weeks, the catchers who were active on my fantasy team have gone a combined 3 for 55. Thats an .055 batting average. Not good.

3) SEC football media days are on TV during the day this week; if it never stops raining here, it could provide some interesting daytime TV viewing, as coaches try to be sociable and convince people they’re not workaholic control freaks. Good luck there.

2) Odd Fact of the Day: El Paso, Texas is 746 miles from Houston, Texas; El Paso is actually closer to San Diego (725 miles) than it is to Houston. Go figure.

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they don’t):
NL: Mets, Brewers, Giants. Wild Card: San Diego @ Los Angeles
AL: Red Sox, White Sox, Astros. Wild Card: Oakland @ Tampa Bay

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