Monday’s Den: Wrapping up a sports weekend

13) What are the best/worst days to have birthdays? 

I’m thinking July 5th is on the worst list, along with December 24 and 26, maybe January 2.

July 4th would be on the good list, along with December 31st.

What do you think? Let me know………

12) These are facts; do with them what you will:

— Madison Bumgarner threw a no-hitter April 25; Arizona then lost its next 24 road games.
— John Means threw a no-hitter May 5; Orioles lost their next 20 road games.
— Cubs threw a combined no-hitter June 24; Cubs are 0-9 since that game.

Bumgarner/Means are both hurt now, by the way. 

11) Cubs had 11 hits in their 3-2 loss to Cincinnati Sunday, ending a streak of 20 games in a row with 8 or fewer hits. Cubs are just third team in last 100 years to go 20 consecutive games with 8 or fewer hits (’72 Mets, ’68 Bronx).

10) Nevada sportsbooks banked a profit of $27.1M in May, their all-time record for May.

9) I cannot imagine eating 76 hot dogs (and buns) in 10:00, but Joey Chestnut did that Sunday and won the Nathan’s contest for the 14th time. I can’t watch those guys eat anymore; it makes me want to puke, seriously. No way is it healthy.

I do remember the movie Meatballs, when Larry Fink beats “The Stomach” in a hot dog eating contest, or as Bill Murray put it, “weenie war.” The actor who played “The Stomach” wound up being a high school football coach about 30 miles from here.

8) Has to be a little awkward when umpires are constantly checking pitchers’ hats for foreign substances right after an inning.

Miami’s Sandy Alcantara was getting squeezed by the home plate ump Saturday, then after the inning the guy was checking his hat/belt. Alcantara had to be biting his tongue.

7) Sunday night was 22nd time this season the Diamondbacks had 2 or fewer hits thru six innings; they’re 1-21 in those games. Arizona has lost 45 games in a row when they score 4 or fewer runs, an ignominious record.

6) Braves 8, Marlins 7 (10):
— Atlanta tied game with four runs in 9th inning.
— Pitcher Max Fried got the walk-off hit as a pinch-hitter in 10th inning.

5) Colorado Rockies have nine walk-off hits, most in the majors this season.

4) NFL Network had the 1999 Rams’ highlight film on Sunday night; damn right I watched it. Was pretty cool that Martin Sheen narrates it; I watch a lot of West Wing re-runs on my laptop as I write this space (am listening to one right now) so it is excellent that President Bartlet narrated the Greatest Show on Turf’s highlight film.

3) Speaking of my Rams’ fandom, 40 years ago this week, Vince Ferragamo made his debut playing QB for Montreal in the CFL. It didn’t go well in Canada for Ferragamo, who had led the Rams to the Super Bowl in 1979- he was 15-5 as QB of the Rams before going to Canada, 11-13 when he came back. He later played for Buffalo and the Packers. 

Ferragamo got a raw deal from the Rams, who were very dysfunctional back then; they should’ve made sure he never freakin’ went to Canada, but that’s water under the bridge now.

2) If you care about such things, over is 606-597-42 in baseball totals this season. Under was 11-5 Sunday; teams play more of their bench players on Sunday. May have to check that angle out as we go along.

1) RIP to football coach Terry Donahue, who passed away this weekend at age 77. Coach Donahue coached UCLA from 1976-95, going 151-74-8, 98-51-5 in Pac-12 games, 8-4-1 in bowl games. Coach Donahue replaced the great Dick Vermeil at UCLA; he later worked as an analyst for CBS, then worked in the 49ers’ front office.

Coach Donahue was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2000. RIP, sir.

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