Monday’s Den: Wrapping up a quiet weekend……..

13) In a not-so-stunning development, New England Patriots will lose a 3rd-round draft pick in the 2021 draft and pay a $1.1M fine with their crew not allowed to record games during the 2020 season. 

Members of New England’s TV team were discovered recording from the Cincinnati Bengals’ press box during the Bengals’ home game against Cleveland last year.

12) In a personnel move whose timing was probably designed to drown out the NFL’s punishment, New England signed QB Cam Newton to a one-year contract worth a maximum of $7.5M.

11) College football trends from Marc Lawrence:

— Hawai’i is 5-0 ATS coming off an overtime win.
— Oregon is 1-8 ATS coming over an overtime win.
— Northwestern is 8-0 ATS as an underdog coming off an OT win.

10) Washington State’s basketball team signed top international prospect Andrej Jakimovski, a 19-year-old from North Macedonia. Jakimovski is a 6-7 wing who played last year in the second division of Italian professional basketball, but played on an amateur contract.

9) Former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman has 29 film credits on IMDB, that’s how many movies get filmed in America’s favorite city.

8) I live just outside Albany, NY; if you’re looking for a fun thing to do this summer, the baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown just opened up again— it is about 80 miles from Albany, a nice scenic drive on a summer day. Good pizza place, Sal’s is across from the Hall of Fame.

7) Over/under on home runs for any player this season in a 60-game season: 20

6) 24 new head coaches in college football this season; going to be difficult for them to put their new systems in, if there is a season.

5) I don’t get the appeal of fireworks; people are starting to shoot them off around here, which is fine, I just understand why people like them— never have.

4) Last time a pro golfer hit every fairway for an entire tournament was Brian Claar in 1992; it has happened only four times since 1980, and none of those four guys won that tournament.

3) Dustin Johnson won the PGA tournament in Hartford; he has now won at least one event the last 13 years in a row.

2) Ominous note for college sports; 10 junior colleges in Maricopa County, AZ suspended sports for the coming sports year because of the Coronavirus.

1) Job advice of the week: If you’re going to be trying out for an NFL team next month, it is a bad idea to get arrested for DUI this month.

Cardinals’ undrafted rookie WR Jeremiah Braswell was arrested Saturday after allegedly driving his car into Lake Erie while under the influence. No bueno.
TV highlight of the day: FS1 had the 1978 All-Star Game on Sunday:
— Biff Pocoroba caught the 9th inning of the game, his one All-Star appearance.
— Bob Uecker interviewed former President Gerald Ford during the game. 

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