Monday’s Den: Random thoughts on a warm night

13) Usually, Saturday nights in May are filled with baseball, bantering with Chris the Bartender and other friends, eating food that tastes good but is probably bad for me. These days? Not so much.

Most interesting thing on TV tonight is the civil war that has broken out between protestors and police, all over the country. It is frightening and horrible to watch. I pray for all of us.

Not sure what else to say about this; our country has no leadership at the federal level, it is almost like the imbecile in the White House wants this to happen.

12) How come over 100,000 people in this country have died from the Coronavirus, while in New Zealand, the virus has been virtually snuffed out? Maybe they have a mart person in charge of their country. There’s an interesting idea, a smart person as president. We should try it.

Have to move on to happier thoughts……..
11) ESPN actually shows cornhole tournaments now; this is stuff people do at tailgate parties before football games, and they’re showing it on national TV.

Only thing MLB Network showed all weekend was old Derek Jeter games, so didn’t watch that at all. We already have the YES Network in New York; MLB Network shows almost as many Bronx games as YES does.

10) Was watching a 1990 Portland-Phoenix NBA game, Dick Stockton/Hubie Brown on the call; this was 30 years ago, and Hubie Brown is still on the job, calling games. A great analyst..

Suns had my all-time favorite NBA uniforms; very sharp. This was when Kevin Johnson was their point guard; he went on to become mayor of Sacramento.

9) The new onside kick rule didn’t pass, and this might be why:

Over the last ten years, the kicking team recovered 10.6% of onside kicks; over the last 15 years, according to football expert Warren Sharp, teams converted 3rd/4th and 15 yards to-go situations 15.6% of the time. Apparently, some NFL owners were concerned that going for the 4th-and-15 would become too popular and greatly change the game.

8) Sad to read about a bar in Manhattan closing for good; Foley’s on W. 33rd St was a hangout for baseball people in Manhattan- they had a collection of over 3,500 signed baseballs there, as well as jerseys and tons of memorabilia.

Open for 16 years, it sounds like the owner may open a place somewhere else down the road. Seemed like a very cool place, though.

7) Max Scherzer’s favorite baseball movies:

6) Moneyball
5) The Sandlot
4) Rookie of the Year
3) The Rookie
1a) Bull Durham
1a) Major League

6) Over the last nine years, Milwaukee Brewers have had eight different starting first basemen. Eric Thames is the only guy who was the primary first baseman for two years.

5) Quarterbacks who threw Larry Fitzgerald the most TD’s:
39— Kurt Warner
28— Carson Palmer
12— Josh McCown
7— John Skelton
6— Josh Rosen
5— Kevin Kolb, Matt Leinart

4) I’ve been binging The Sopranos this week, trying to find shows I haven’t seen that are fun to watch; the scenes with Paulie Soprano and the therapist are great TV, the rest of the show is a little too violent for me. Don’t need to see people get pummeled/shot every ten minutes.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is more my speed; laughter is better than violence.

3)  In the last couple weeks, two guys who both worked in the Oakland Coliseum press box for the last 40+ years both passed away:

Roy Steele was the A’s/Raiders’PA announcer; Chester Farrow ran the scoreboard at the Coliseum. Both guys were beloved by the folks there; they passed away about a week apart. We hope they rest in peace.

2) Which actor has died the most in TV/movies?

According to my research, John Hurt died 43 times in TV/movies; Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price are next on the list.

1) Some good news, I think/hope; Las Vegas casinos are scheduled to open Thursday, June 4. Korean baseball games start at 2:30am local time in Vegas, which could make it tough on the good people who work in sportsbooks, but it would be fun as hell to sit there and watch them while I had a slice of pizza. 

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