Monday’s Den: Random thoughts on a spring day

13) Dallas Cowboys gave Andy Dalton $7M to be Dak Prescott’s backup this year. Dalton had been expected to go to Jacksonville, where Jay Gruden is the new OC, but Dalton returns to the Dallas-Fort Worth area-  he went to college at TCU.

12) NBA TV showed the 1983 Detroit-Denver game, the highest scoring game in NBA history:
— Detroit 186, Denver 184, in triple OT

— Isiah Thomas scored 47 points, John Long 41, Kelly Tripucka 35
— Kiki Vandeweghe scored 51, Alex English 47, Dan Issel 28

— How the sport has changed; each team took two 3-pointers, THE WHOLE GAME!!!

Game was 74-all at halftime. TR Dunn played 36:00 for Denver, took 3 shots. Nuggets had only seven assists on 68 field goals. Lot of 1-on-1 play, not a lot of passing.

11) Lot of kids declare for the NBA Draft but don’t hire an agent, so they can get evaluated at the NBA Combine, but this year, there is no Combine, so do the kids go back to school, or take a chance that someone will draft them? Pretty important decision.

10) DePaul will play home/home with crosstown rival Loyola, starting this winter; Cincinnati-Louisville also started a series. This is going to be a growing trend; non-conference opponents located close to each other will play each other more, to reduce travel expenses, increase attendance at the games.

9) Nolan Ryan threw 2.1 innings for the Mets in the ’69 World Series, at age 22.

Ryan pitched another another 24 seasons in the major leagues, but never got back to the World Series. His team made the playoffs four times after that; Ryan wound up with a 2-2, 3.07 mark in nine post-season games (7 starts).

8) Before the NFL Draft ended, Carolina Panthers came to an agreement to sign free agent QB Tommy Stevens as a free agent; one small problem, New Orleans Saints found out about the agreement, traded back into the draft and chose Stevens in the 7th round.

Stevens wouldn’t even have started Mississippi State’s bowl game, but the freshman QB who beat him out got his eye busted up by a teammate in a fight during practice, so Stevens got the nod. Not sure a 7th round QB was worth getting fined by the league, but no one asked me.

7) Now you can get a driver’s license in Georgia without taking a road test; what genius came up with that idea? What could possibly go wrong?

6) Over the last two years, NFL receivers with the most receptions of 15+ yards:
88— Julio Jones
73— Mike Evans
69— Michael Thomas
69— Robert Woods

5) College basketball players have five years to play, should they miss a year because of injury of illness or personal issues. But Ivy League players don’t have that option.

This season, these college basketball teams will have Ivy League grad transfers:

Alabama, Duke, Michigan, Ohio State, Seton Hall

4) Read online, and this made me feel better, that lot of people now struggle to remember what day of the week it is. Thought I was the only one, but when you have activities and habits, a week has a template of how it unfolds. During football season, if I’m writing my NFL articles, that means it is Tuesday or Wednesday; if I’m logging stats into my notebook, it is Monday, and so on and so forth.

With nothing going on, every day becomes the same, and it really doesn’t matter what day it is. Hopefully that will change soon.

3) These are boring times, for sure; have to be creative with what I do to amuse myself, but I draw the line at watching cornhole tournaments on ESPN. No thank you.

2) Pro golfer Mark Calcavecchia posted on Twitter this week that he played golf this week for the first time in 52 days. Wonder when was the last time he went that long without golfing, except for being injured?

1) RIP Matt Keough, 64, who passed away this weekend; the former big league pitcher was in the majors for nine years- he went 16-13, 2.92 for the 1980 A’s, finishing 20 of his 32 starts, but he was never the same after being overused that season. RIP, sir. 

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