Monday’s Den: Happy 4th of July!!!!

13) Late Saturday night, I stumbled upon an old movie I’ve been looking for since I was a kid, over 50 years ago. Was pretty surprising to find it.

In 1969, Charlton Heston starred in a movie called Number One, about an aging quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. Lot of the actual Saints from that era are in the movie; Heston’s character wears number 17, because Billy Kilmer wore number 17 for the real-life Saints.

Apparently the movie disappeared from circulation because Heston didn’t like it, but it is on Amazon Prime now. Watching it very late Saturday night, it is pretty obvious why he might not have liked it much. Number One isn’t a great movie. 

Heston’s passing skills make Warren Beatty (in Heaven Can Wait) look like Dan Fouts. The story kind of drags, but there are parts of the movie that are interesting— dealing with injuries, dealing with moving on with your life after a long career. 1969 was a long time ago; the world is a different place now.

12) Two interesting sidebars to Number One:
— The actual New Orleans Saints are the extras in this movie, much like the Detroit Lions were in George Plimpton’s Paper Lion. One of the Saints back then was Jake Kupp, a lineman who played 12 years in the NFL. You may have heard of his grandson: Cooper Kupp.

— Music for Number One was done by Dominic Frontiere, who composed a lot of music for TV shows and movies in the 60’s/70’s. Is that name familiar? 

Years later, Frontiere became more well-known when he married Rams’ owner Georgia Irvin Frontiere— he got nabbed scalping 16,000 tickets to Super Bowl XIV, and spent nine months in jail for tax evasion, for failing to report the $500,000 in income.

Music in Number One was good; I’m glad I finally got to see it.

11) Birmingham 33, Philadelphia 30
— Birmingham scored two TD’s in a 0:13 span late in 4th quarter.
— Stallions led 20-9 at halftime before a big crowd in Canton.
— Stallions ran for 175 yards, outgained Philly 381-340.

USFL was a success this season; games were highly competitive, fun to watch. Next spring will be interesting, with the XFL starting up to provide more spring football. 

10) Best days of the year to have a birthday:
— July 4— People have cookouts, shoot off fireworks for your birthday.
— January 1— People have parties the night before to celebrate your birthday. Plus, there is a ton of football on TV all day. 

Both days are holidays; you never have to work on your birthday.

9) Worst days of the year to have a birthday:
— February 29— Must suck to have a birthday once every four years.
— December 25— People put up trees/lights for your big day, but then everyone gets presents
— December 26— No one feels much like partying the day after Christmas.
— October 31— People come to your house and ask for free candy on YOUR birthday

8) Colorado Rockies are 13-4 at home if they score 7+ runs; they’re 0-2 if they score 7+ runs on road. Key point here is that in 17 of 19 games where they scored 7+ runs, they were at home. 

7) Saturday at CitiField, Texas Rangers’ 2B Marcus Semien flew out to centerfield all five times he came to bat; it is the first time that happened since 2009. 

6) Reds 4, Braves 3— Albert Almora had a walk-off single for the Reds, who didn’t get their first hit until the 7th inning. Cincinnati snaps a 10-game home losing streak. 

5) Marlins 7, Nationals 4 (10)— Miami is 11-1 against Washington this season, 26-39 against everyone else. The two bullpens combined to allow seven runs in 7.2 IP in this game. 

4) Astros 4, Angels 2— Walk-off home run by rookie SS Jeremy Pena was his second homer of the day; he was 4-5, and is now hitting .279.

3) Padres 4, Dodgers 2— San Diego scored four runs in 9th inning to end a 9-game losing skid in Chavez Ravine. Eric Hosmer had the game-winning single. 

2) One of the best parts of watching baseball every day is seeing great athletes make great plays; there are two young centerfielders now who are tremendous fielders— Michael Harris in Atlanta, Alek Thomas in Arizona. They both cover a ton of ground. 

1) Happy 4th of July; be careful if you’re handling fireworks. Our country is 246 years old; we are lucky to live in a democracy. Let’s hope it stays that way. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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