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Monday’s 6-pack
— Giants’ 1B Brandon Belt had a 21-pitch AB Sunday that took 12:45— he fouled off 16 two-strike pitches, before he lined out to RF. 21-pitch AB is a major league record, at least since 1986, when they started keeping track of this stuff.
— Spurs 103, Warriors 90— San Antonio staves off elimination, now trails series 3-1
— Bucks 104, Celtics 102— Milwaukee hung on after leading by 16 at the half.
— Penguins 8, Flyers 5— Pitt advances to 2nd round; not a lot of defense here.
— Indians 7, Orioles 3— Under is now 8-1 in games at Camden Yards this season.
— Cubs’ 3B Kris Bryant was hit in head by a pitch, left the game in Denver Sunday, but was said to be OK. 

Quote of the Day
“What I would say to him, I would tell him to play for himself. Because he’s the one out there putting in the work, he’s the one out there getting up in the morning staying committed to the game……his career is about him; it’s about whatever he wants to do and however he feels is right for him.”
Kevin Durant, talking about Bucks’ star Giannis Antetokounmpo

Monday’s quiz
How many current major league baseball teams share their stadium with an NFL team? 

Sunday’s quiz
Before last night, Dallas Braden was the last Oakland A’s pitcher to throw a no-hitter, in 2010. 

Saturday’s quiz
Of 30 current major league general managers, 13 went to an Ivy League school. 

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