Friday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a terrific Turkey Day…….

13) For as long as I could remember, TV on Thanksgiving Day was two NFL games, and then a college game at night; NFL then added a third game at night, but ESPN has really juiced up Turkey Day wth the addition of several college basketball tournaments, giving you a ton of stuff to watch all day and into the evening.

Orlando-Fullerton-Atlantis-Las Vegas-Portland-Brooklyn all hosted tournaments Thursday and thats not even counting the Alaskan Shootout, which isn’t on TV anymore and is in its last year.

ESPN takes a lot of grief for many reasons, but this is a good thing.

12) Duke 99, Portland State 81— Score looks like an easy win; it wasn’t. Duke was 31-42 on foul line, Vikings were 9-12. Portland State led 49-45 at the half. But it was more than that.

Duke led by 5 with 8:38 left when the refs gave up Portland State’s Deontae North a technical foul for something he said, which was highly unusual. Why was it unusual/damaging?

a) North had scored 24 points in 20:00 for Portland State
b) The technical is also a personal foul and it was North’s 5th foul of the game
c) North was sitting at the scorer’s table when he got the technical, waiting to check in.

I’ve never seen a guy foul out while sitting at the scorer’s table.

11) Chargers 28, Cowboys 6— Dallas is a mess; in their last three games, Cowboys have been outscored 72-6 in second half. 72. to. 6. Major problems.

This score could’ve been a lot worse; Chargers had ball in red zone four times, and only scored 10 points on those four drives, plus they missed a couple PAT’s.

10) Vikings 30, Lions 23— Case Keenum is inching into the conversation for MVP of the freakin’ league, but you still read how Keenum still has to be confirmed  every week as the starting QB. How many games does Minnesota have to win before Keenum becomes the permanent starter, at least for the rest of this season?

9) Redskins 20, Giants 10— Only Giants’ TD was scored by the defense on a tipped ball/INT. Boy do they have some questions to face in the offseason:

a) Who will the next coach be?
b) Who will the QB be next year?
c) Do you give Odell Beckham a big-money contract?
d) Will they make the new coach keep Steve Spagnuolo as defensive coordinator?

8) Cris Collinsworth told an interesting story on TV near the end of the Redskins’ game:

Jay Gruden played in the Arena League, then was a head coach, then quit coaching and played again for a while. In his second stint as a player, a guy hit Gruden and broke his leg— Gruden had cut the guy when he was coaching.

The guy looked down on Gruden, who was on the ground in pain and said “I got ya back.”

7) Western Kentucky 77, Purdue 73— Boilermakers headed to Atlantis as a top 10 team, but now they’ve lost to Tennessee/WKU this week. Good win for Rick Stansbury’s Hilltoppers.

6) SMU 66, Arizona 60— Much like Purdue, Wildcats headed to Atlantis as a top 10 team- they were ranked 2nd in country, but now they’re 0-2 this week, also losing to NC State. Arizona is a very young team; talented, but young. We’ll see how they respond to this.

The 7th-place game in the Battle of Atlantis: Purdue-Arizona, two ex-top-10 teams.

5) West Virginia 84, Marist 78— West Virginia led by 15, then winless Red Foxes got hot and tied game 67-67- at one point they were 15-18 in 2nd half, 6-8 behind the arc.

Marist’s first three losses: Lehigh, Mass-Lowell, Army. They looked better than that here.

4) Ole Miss 31, Mississippi State 28— State QB Fitzgerald broke his leg, ending his fine season. Rebels finish 6-5, but can’t go to a bowl because they’re on double secret probation.

3) Arizona State 92, Kansas State 90— K-State scored 1.32 points/possession, which is huge, but they lost. ASU was 29-44 on foul line, Wildcats were 7-9. K-State was 15-32 on arc. Sun Devils are 5-0; Bobby Hurley played four of his starters 37:00+ in this game.

2) Florida 108, Stanford 85— Gators looked like world-beaters in this game- they had 96 points with 6:18 left in game. Stanford isn’t very good.

1) Arkansas 92, Oklahoma 83— Bill Walton did this game and the Carolina-Portland game; at one point, apparently he wasn’t happy with the officials, so he said “…….the referees need to go back to Foot Locker” because, you know, employees at Foot Locker wear referee’s shirts.

It is great to read Twitter when fans have never heard Walton do a game before, because they get all indignant because Walton is different. It is television; if you don’t like him, hit the damn mute button and watch the game. I enjoy listening to him, I always learn something, but it is rarely about basketball.

People actually get mad because he doesn’t always talk about basketball; get over it.

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