Friday’s List of 13: Random thoughts with weekend here……

13) January 14, 1974 was the first Super Bowl played in Houston, at Rice Stadium; the Dolphins beat Minnesota 24-7. For the entire game, Miami QB Bob Griese was 6-7 passing for 93 yards. FOR THE WHOLE GAME. Seven passes, plus he was sacked once.

Football has changed tremendously in the last 40 years.

12) From 1975-80, Duke and Clemson both had basketball coaches named Bill Foster, which is a little odd, since they’re conference rivals in the ACC.

Duke’s Bill Foster had the Blue Devils in the 1978 Final Four but left a couple years later, upset over some little things, one of which was the school’s refusal to pave the coaches’ parking lot.

So Mike Krzyzewski became Duke’s coach in part because the school wouldn’t pave a parking lot. Life is funny sometimes.

11) Ice Cube is starting a 3-on-3 half-court, summer basketball league for retired NBA players called Big3, which starts this June. The league will eight teams of five players each and the league will apparently tour the country together, with each team playing once in each city.

10) Three assistant football coaches at Michigan are now making over $1M a year; thats not counting head coach Jim Harbaugh. I get it that coordinators make $1M+, but the third guy?

9) Eldrick Woods started this week ranked #663 in the World Golf Rankings.

8) When Lebron James says “….we need a bleeping playmaker” he means someone who makes his teammates better by passing the ball. He wasn’t referring to Carmelo Anthony.

7) Louisville lost another point guard with Tony Hicks going down for 4-6 weeks with a broken hand. I doubt Pitt has much sympathy for them, after the 51-point drubbing Louisville put on the Panthers earlier this week.

6) Monday night, someone at The D Casino in Las Vegas bet a $5 parlay on the money line on these NBA teams: Miami Heat +$650, Knicks +$195, Clippers +$270, Sacramento +$240, Milwaukee +$195. When those five underdogs all won SU, that $5 ticket turned into $3,800.

5) 30 years ago, a 30-second commercial on the Super Bowl telecast cost $550,000. This year, that same commercial would cost $5,000,000. Thats million, with an M.

4) There will be at least one fewer bowl game next year; the Poinsettia Bowl is no longer, as San Diego will have only only one bowl, the Holiday Bowl next season. The Poinsettia Bowl existed for 12 years.

3) NBA teams will have corporate advertising on their uniforms next year; Celtics will have a GE patch on their uniforms. They’re supposedly making $7M from GE on the deal.

2) Late one night at the Australian Open earlier this week, Brad Gilbert interviewed Giants’ punter Brad Wing, who is from Australia and was at the tournament.

1— Haven’t made my summer travel plans yet, but would be fun to be in Las Vegas during the British Open. Couple years ago, I was sitting at a bar late one night in Vegas, watching the end of an extra inning baseball game in Arizona, while at the same time watching early morning golf from across the pond. Thursday night baseball, Friday morning golf. Not bad.

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