Friday’s List of 13: Random thoughts for a sunny day……

13) Wednesday night, CBS Sports Network replayed some of Steph Curry’s Davidson games from the 2008 NCAA Tournament; was funny how they talked about him then, like he was some upstart kid shocking teams from bigger leagues. 12 years later, Curry might be the greatest shooter in basketball history; he’s not a spunky underdog anymore.

12) All of which raises the question; Steph’s dad Dell Curry played 16 years in the NBA, and he went to college at Virginia Tech. How the hell did the Hokies not recruit Steph or his brother Seth? Wasn’t that malpractice? To me, it is mind-numbing that they didn’t.

11) Jon Gruden has been an NFL head coach for 13 years; 14 different QB’s started at least one game, seven of them started at least 11 games:
48— Rich Gannon
33— Brad Johnson
32— Derek Carr
24— Jeff Garcia
21— Brian Griese
15— Chris Simms
11— Bruce Gradkowski

10) Mike Tomlin has coached the Steelers for 13 years; Ben Roethlisberger started 168 of the Steelers’ 208 regular season games since then. Seven other QB’s have started a game since then for Pittsburgh, with Mason Rudolph (8) having the most.

9) Then there is Andy Reid, who has been an NFL head coach for 22 years; he’s had 14 different start for him, with Donovan McNabb (142) starting the most games:
142— Donovan McNabb
76— Alex Smith
34— Michael Vick
31— Patrick Mahomes

Current Eagles’ coach Doug Pederson started nine games at QB for Philly in 1999, which was Reid’s first year as the Eagles’ coach.

8) Random fact: Dr. Anthony Fauci was captain of the basketball team at Manhattan’s Regis High School in 1958.

7) Random stat I saw on Twitter; on an average American day, around 2,000,000 people fly on commercial airlines. These days? Not so much.

Guys posted on Twitter Thursday that you could fly from Detroit to Las Vegas for $19. Not sure what you would do when you got there, but…….

6) They showed a live shot of Times Square in Manhattan at 11pm the other night, normally one of the busiest places in the world. There were three people on the street. Three. Amazing.

5) There is a commercial on TV for a pill that causes you to gain weight; they showed an attractive young lady who supposedly gained 53 pounds after taking this pill. Why in the name of Karen Carpenter would someone take a pill to gain weight? Just eat junk food!!!!

4) Steve Ballmer owns the LA Clippers; Wikipedia says he is worth $51.8B, thats billion, with a B. Ballmer recently bought the old LA Forum in Inglewood, where the Lakers/Kings used to play; it is mostly a concert venue now. He paid $400M for the arena.

Ballmer bought the Forum from James Dolan, who owns the Knicks, and who is also one of the worst owners in all of sports. Clippers are going to have their own arena in a couple years; they will move out of Staples Center, and Ballmer will make even more money.

3) Cecil Fielder hit 319 home runs in 1,470 major league games.
His son, Prince Fielder, also hit 319 home runs, in 1,611 games.

2) Great minds think alike?

My friend Ken in Las Vegas sends me a link to a fake 64-team bracket that someone posted on line, and asked me to fill it out; I did that, and came up with Dayton as my national champ.

Turns out Ken also tabbed the Flyers as national champs; he had them beating Baylor in the final, I had the Flyers beating Florida State in the final.

This is an argument that will never end; we’ll never know what would’ve happened.

1) Thursday should’ve been on of the best sports days of the year:
— Opening Day in baseball
— Sweet 16 in college hoop
— Hell, even my golf pool was supposed to start

Now we stay inside and are smart and hope this passes with as few casualties as possible; then next year we can have fun. Until then, please be safe; I need all the readers I can get!!!

Author: Armadillo Sports

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