Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here…….

13) 49ers 34, Raiders 3— Last Battle of the Bay with Raiders moving to Las Vegas in two years; in his first NFL start, 49ers QB Nick Mullens looked like Daryle Lamonica, completing 16-22 passes for 262 yards and three TD’s- not a bad debut. 

So if the 49ers put Mullens on the market today after that impressive display Thursday, what kind of draft pick could they get for him? He appears to be better than anyone Buffalo has, and he did break some of Brett Favre’s records at Southern Miss. 

As for the Raiders, not a great effort- you could make a strong argument that they’ve quit. 

12) We read about coaches making huge money in the NFL and in college ball, but lot of guys at lower levels struggle like hell to get to the top, or just to make a living where they are. 

Back when he started out as a coach, from 1989-91, Mike Leach was an assistant coach at Iowa Wesleyan, making $12,000 a year. Leach was the team’s SID, video coordinator and the equipment coordinator- he also taught history and criminal law classes. 

From there it was on to Valdosta State and Kentucky with Hal Mumme, then Oklahoma for a while before he landed the head coaching job at Texas Tech. 

Now Leach makes a couple million a year, but he’s earned his way to this spot. 

11) Four players who were teammates of both Michael Jordan and Lebron James:

Brendan Haywood, Larry Hughes, Jerry Stackhouse and Scott Williams. 

Would be fun to see an hour TV show where those four guys tell some stories. 

10) Someday in 5-6 years, Eli Manning is going to come up for a vote for the Pro Football Hall of Fame; he has won two Super Bowls, but his career record is 120-114, counting playoff games. His regular season record: 112-110. 

If he starts every game the rest of the year, chances are his regular season record will wind up under .500, which isn’t very Hall of Fame-ish. 

Jim Plunkett won two Super Bowls, had a 72-72 regular season record with an 8-2 playoff record but is nowhere near the Hall of Fame. Manning’s career is better than that, but not all that much better, just that he played in New Jersey and his brother/father are also famous. 

9) Gonzaga’s big man Killian Tillie will be out around eight weeks after undergoing surgery for a stress fracture in his ankle. He averaged 12.9 ppg, 5.9 rpg LY and made 47% of his 3’s. 

8) ran an article Thursday on how Jordan Spieth didn’t win a tournament last year and what was wrong with his game? 

Spieth earned $2,793,536 last year, not counting endorements; we should all struggle like that. 

7) Mariano Rivera is part-owner of a Japanese company that recycles broken baseball bats into chopsticks; I’m not nearly creative enough to make that up. 

6) Thru seven games, Steelers’ RB James Conner is averaging 5.8 yards/touch on 22.6 touches per game; last year thru seven games, Le’Veon Bell averaged 4.4 yards/touch on 28.9 touches per game, which may be part of why Bell is still sitting on the sidelines this year, and isn’t getting his $855,000 weekly salary. 

5) In 37 states, you can vote before Election Day; this seems like a better way to do things. 

4) Evidence that we might have too many TV channels, or not enough quality programming to fill those channels: The first National College Cornhole Championship, for $25,000 in scholarship money, will take place in Myrtle Beach on Dec. 29-30- it will be broadcast live on ESPN & ESPN2. 

3) Winnipeg Jets beat Florida Panthers 4-2 in an NHL regular season games played Thursday over in Finland. Long road trip. 

2) Marv Albert compared Thursday’s Bucks-Celtics game to an old ABA game, and he wasn’t being critical, just stating his opinion. Fast-paced, lot of 3’s, not a lot go great defense. 

1) Handicapping 101- You like to wager on college football; how do you handicap the Michigan State-Maryland game Saturday? 

Maryland had a player die during off-season trailing; as a result, the coach was suspended, but he was re-instated this week and he held his first practice Tuesday. The coach was re-instated even though a player DIED under his watch- not everyone was happy about this. 

Around 6:30pm Tuesday, Maryland bowed to public pressure (and maybe internal pressure) and fired that coach, something that probably should’ve happened a while ago. 

It is a horribly sad story, but if you’re in the handicapping business, how do you deal with this game? Michigan State is -2.5 at Maryland Saturday.

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