Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here…….

13) Happy 81st birthday to knuckleball pitcher Phil Niekro:
— He got 287 of his 318 career wins after he turned 30.
— He got a record 121 wins after turning 40.
— In 1979, Niekro went 21-20, with 41 HR’s allowed, the only time a pitcher has ever won 20+, lost 20+ and allowed 40+ homers in a season.

12) NFL owners voted to expand the playoffs to seven teams in each conference, meaning that only the #1 seed in each conference gets a first round bye.

11) Since 2002, 10 NFL teams won 10+ games but missed the playoffs; under the new, 14-team format, nine of those 10 teams would’ve made the playoffs.

Only exception? The 2010 Tampa Bay Buccaneers went 10-6, and still weren’t one of the top seven seeds in the NFC.

10) Toronto Blue Jays’ Bo Bichette came up to the majors LY, and became the only player ever to hit a double in nine consecutive games. And he did it in his first 13 major league games.

9) Spectrum Sports LA said Wednesday that it has reached a carriage agreement that will see Dodgers games finally being shown on local TV, ending a six-year impasse between the sides.

Dodger games were even blacked out in Las Vegas, which is 271 miles away. Now games can be shown in sportsbooks, which will help business on those few nights a year when the Dodger game is the last one going on a given night.

8) When Jimmy Johnson gets inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this summer, Troy Aikman will be his presenter; this is one of the best parts of the football Hall of Fame, that the inductee gets to pick who introduces him. Quite an honor for both people.

7) Was watching Game 7 of the 1997 World Series the other night, Indians-Marlins- the TV guys were Bob Costas, the great Bob Uecker and Joe Morgan. Quite a combination.

6) In 1867, our country bought Alaska from Russia, for $7.2M. Seeing how Sarah Palin wound up as part of this deal, shouldn’t we get a rebate?

5) In the history of baseball, 112 home runs have been hit by catchers who were 40+ years old; Carlton Fisk hit 69 of them, everyone else combined to hit 43.

4) Only two father/son combos both hit for the cycle:
— Gary/Daryle Ward, 1980/2004
— Craig Cavan Biggio, 2002/2019

3) Last time Tom Brady didn’t start a game for New England was 2000; that year, Chan Gailey was the Miami Dolphins’ offensive coordinator.

20 years later, Brady plays for Tampa Bay now, and Gailey was just brought out of retirement to be the Dolphins’ “kind of new” offensive coordinator.

2) In the NFL LY, there were nine TD’s scored last year by “non-skill position” ballplayers:
— Five were scored by offensive linemen.
— Two were scored by defensive linemen.
— One was scored by a linebacker playing offense
— One was scored by a kicker on a fake FG.

1) Four quarterbacks caught a TD pass last year:
— Josh Allen
— David Blough
— Taysom Hill had seven TD catches, but he’s as much of a WR as a QB.
— Deshaun Watson

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