Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here……

13) Terrible news for the Houston Texans: Deshaun Watson tore his ACL Thursday, and is done for the season- the injury sounds similar to what happened to Teddy Bridgewater last summer in Minnesota, a non-contact injury.

Tom Savage starts for Houston Sunday; Texans will sign QB Matt McGloin as a backup— he played for Bill O’Brien at Penn State.

12) Patrick Ewing is the new basketball coach at Georgetown; his son Patrick Jr was an assistant for the Hoyas last year, but because of the school’s nepotism laws, Ewing Jr cannot keep his assistant’s job with his father as head coach, which seems like a rule that lacks common sense.

If Ewing Jr was an assistant under John Thompson III, why can’t he keep that job under the next coach, no matter who it is?

11) Colts put Andrew Luck on IR; he is done for the year. Over the last three seasons, Luck will have played in only 22 of 48 Indy games— his career record is 43-27, plus 3-3 in playoff games.

10) Lance McCullers is the first pitcher EVER to hit four batters in a game, but not allow a run in that game.

9) Good news for Philly 76ers’ fans: Joel Embiid played 30 minutes against the Atlanta Hawks Wednesday, first time he has played that many minutes in an NBA game.

8) Phoenix Suns lost their first three games, then they fired their coach and told one of their best players to stay home until they could trade him, which hasn’t happened yet.

Suns are 3-1 since then, with wins over Portland/Utah. Go figure.

7) Of all the major league players with 3,000+ career hits, Cal Ripken Jr (.276) has the lowest career batting average.

6) Former UCLA/Washington/Colorado coach Rick Neuheisel is apparently interested in the vacant Oregon State job. Neuheisel is 87-59 as a head coach, 55-44 in conference games- these days he works on CBS Sports Network.

5) Why did the Buffalo Bills trade for Kelvin Benjamin? Their WR’s have 45 receptions this season, their RB’s 47- they’re only NFL team whose RB’s have caught more balls than the WR’s.

4) Mets signed Ruben Amaro Jr as their new first base coach; he was GM of the Phillies from 2008-15, then was first base coach for the Red Sox the last two seasons. Has to be a tremendous change, going from running a franchise to being the first base coach.

3) NBA is holding its 2018 draft lottery May 15 in Chicago; the draft combine is then May 16-20, also in Chicago.

2) Texans were -14 over the Indianapolis Colts before Watson’s injury; now Houston is -7.

1) Not only a dismal day for the Colts, but what about all the fantasy league owners across America; teams that added Deshaun Watson had to he happier than hell, but now this, prize rookie Watson out for the season, after getting hurt in practice.

Lot of fantasy league money goes down the drain with both Luck/Watson now out for the season, plus the Aaron Rodgers teams are also probably sunk.

Also a really bad day for the NFL, which needs new stars, and Watson is most definitely a star.

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