Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here…….

13) Oh Canada is one of my favorite songs; when I got married many, many years ago, we had to pay the organist $75, whether she played at the wedding or not. This was 1992, $75 was a decent payday. The $75 annoyed me a great deal; it really irritated me. I don’t even think the priest got $75. Organists must have a good union. 

Anyway, we’re sitting there on the altar after Communion and the organist is earning her $75 and all of a sudden, I’m hearing her play Oh Canada, and there are murmurs in the church. I had no idea this was going to happen. Murmurs turned to laughter. She played it well. 

The marriage didn’t go very well, but that was definitely the highlight of the wedding. Got a text reminding me of that during that national anthem in Toronto last night. Still makes me laugh. 

12) Raptors 118, Warriors 109— Siakam shot 14-17 from floor, scored 32 points with five assists for Raptors. Green/Bell/Iguodala shot combined 6-18 from floor as Toronto takes 1-0 series lead on its home floor. 

Dell Curry played the last three years of his 16-year career for Toronto, so of course Drake shows up for this game wearing a Dell Curry Raptors’ jersey. 

12) Weird stat of the day from The Sporting News: This is the 36th consecutive NBA Finals series with at least one former teammate of Shaquille O’Neal. Danny Green and Shaq were teammates on the Cavaliers nine years ago. 

10) Back in January, when the St Louis Blues were floundering near the bottom of the NHL, a courageous bettor wagered $400 on the Blues (250-1) to win the Stanley Cup. He is three wins away from a big payday. Notable that he didn’t hedge his bet before the finals to guarantee a profit. Finals series is tied, 1-1. 

9) You can’t make this stuff up: A Jacksonville couple was arrested this week on charges of animal cruelty after a police officer rescued a pig from the couple’s steaming hot Lexus that was parked in a mall parking lot. Temperatures were in the high 90’s at the time. 

I mean, not only do you have a pig in a car, but you have a damn Lexus. Why? 

8) All-time record for home runs in a month:
— 1,119 in August 2017
— 1,101 in June 2017

So far this May, entering Thursday’s games, there have been 1,069 homers hit. 

7) Baseball stuff:
— Detroit optioned OF Victor Reyes back to AAA.
— Red Sox put P Hector Velasquez (back) on the IL.
— Cincinnati optioned P Lucas Sims back to AAA.
— Marlins optioned P Elieser Hernandez back to AAA. 

Jake Odorizzi’s last six starts for Minnesota:
— 35.2 IP, allowed 3 runs, 39 baserunners, Twins won all six games.

6) Cleveland Indians didn’t hit a triple in their first 54 games; they hit three of them Wednesday, in their 55th game. 

5) MLB Network couldn’t wait to show Boston-New York games Thursday/Friday, but horrible weather postponed Thursday’s game in the Bronx- it’ll be made up August 3rd as part of a doubleheader. I’m guessing that twinbill will be on national TV. 

National TV outlets should try showing more Astros’ games; they have a dome. No rainouts. 

4) This didn’t sound right when I heard it, but apparently, Los Angeles County has more voters than 42 of the other 49 states; they have voters who speak 13 different languages. 

3) Lakers-Nets are playing two preseason games in China in October. 

2) College basketball transfer portal:
— South Carolina poached 6-9 Micaiah Henry from Tennessee Tech.
— Brad Calipari (John’s son) entered the transfer portal; guess he wants playing time.
— KJ Lawson bolts from Kansas to Tulane; another guy who wants to play.

1) In case you were wondering, people in Finland prefer silence to casual conversation.

Schools and tutors in Finland are now offering  courses in casual conversation; ‘It does not come naturally to Finns.’ Some Finns have begun to take lessons, in classrooms or even from private tutors, so they can make conversation in their international business dealings.

Says one Finnish small talk tutor: “Lower your standards; not every conversation you have has to be clever. You can comment on food, any music that is playing, even the weather.”

Who knew that could be a job? Go figure. 

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