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13) Phillies signed Bryce Harper, Padres signed Manny Machado, but Washington won the World Series. Here is the money Washington spent on pitching:

— Strasburg: seven years, $175M
— Scherzer: seven years, $210M
— Corbin: six years, $140M
— Sanchez: two years, $19M

Starting pitching still matters. 

12) Gerrit Cole is about to break the bank in free agency; wonder what his agent’s blood pressure was Wednesday night when Cole started throwing in the bullpen, three nights after he threw 110 pitches Sunday. Don’t want the star client getting hurt. 

Lets say Cole banks $35M a year for four years in his next contract (Zack Greinke makes that now); the agent’s take (3%) of all that would be $4,200,000. 

11) 49ers 28, Cardinals 25— 49ers led 28-14 but Arizona kept America entertained until the end; Garoppolo was 27-36/306 and four TD’s passng, as the 49ers improved to 8-0. 

10) When the Rams traded injured CB Aqib Talib to Miami this week, you figure Talib would be insulted or ticked off, but because of state income tax laws, Talib actually saves $560,000- he moved from California to Florida, where taxes are lower. Good week for him. 

9) Two of my favorite NBA players to watch are both on the Clippers; Patrick Beverley and Montrezl Harrell; they aren’t stat guys, they just work their butts off and make life uncomfortable for their opponents. Guys like that make life easier for the stat guys.

8) Baylor 17, West Virginia 14— Bears improve to 8-0, even though they’ve been favored only twice in their last five games. Baylor has three wins by 3 or fewer points. 

7) NFL road teams are 71-45-2 ATS so far this season. 

6) Jimmy Butler’s stats in Miami’s 106-97 win over Atlanta Thursday: 5 points, 9 rebounds, 11 assists, 6 steals and 3 blocks. Heat was +21 with Butler on the floor, -12 with hm off the floor. You don’t have to score all the time to be a difference maker.

5) Wayne Ellington has scored 5,298 points in his 11-year NBA career; Knicks are the ninth NBA team he’s played for. His best scoring year was two years ago, when he scored 11.8 ppg for Miami. 

Ellington played three years at North Carolina, scoring 14.7 ppg, was 28th player taken in the 2009 Draft. Betcha he could write a helluva book, playing on nine teams in 11 years. 

4) Georgia Southern 24, Appalachian State 21— Mountaineers had gotten up to #20 in country, but then lost at home on national TV to their longtime rivals from back in their I-AA days. 

3) Joel Embiid and Karl Anthony Towns both got suspended two games for their part in a small scuffle during Wednesday’s game. On NBA TV, couple of retired players were laughing, saying that back in the 90’s, when the NBA game was much more physical than it is now, the players wouldn’t even have gotten tossed out of the game. 

2) Kansas City Royals named former Cardinal skipper Mike Matheny their new manager; he was 591-474 in seven years in St Louis, 21-22 in playoff games, but he missed the playoffs this last three years, which is why the Cardinals told him to take a hike. 

1) Only 105 days until pitchers/catchers report for the 2020 baseball season. 

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