Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here……

13) Phil Mickelson recently signed an endorsement deal with Mizzen+Main to wear the company’s apparel on the golf course; Thursday, on a 90-degree day in Florida, he was wearing a button-down long sleeved dress shirt, because the company is pushing those as golf fashion. 

Mickelson was even par thru 13 holes; he went +7 on holes 14-17. No bueno. 

12) Giants’ coach Pat Shurmur has a son who is Vanderbilt’s starting QB; last summer, Kyle Shurmur spent some time at the Manning Passing Academy in Louisiana. 

Thats the same passing academy Josh Rosen went to in 2016 and according to reports, didn’t make a positive impression on the people there. 

Pat Shurmur must’ve made a positive impression on the Mannings when they met, or else he wouldn’t be the Giants’ coach right now.

11) Dodgers-Diamondbacks have already played 12 times this season; they don’t meet again until August 30, which is a little weird. 

10) Since 2000, 14 major league teams have batted out of order. Some of those included DH-related double switches that got fouled up late in blowouts. 

9) AHL is the AAA league of the NHL; good league. We used to have couple of AHL teams in this area; those games were fun to go to. 

Wednesday night, Las Vegas Phantoms beat the Charlotte Checkers 2-1 in a 5-OT playoff game that was the longest in AHL history. Charlotte outshot the Phantoms 95-53 but lost. 

8) From

“Footwear company Skechers sued Adidas in federal court Thursday, claiming its competitor created false advertising and unfair competition by funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars in secret payments to high school and college basketball players and their families to wear its products.”

If you’re a lawyer these days and aren’t rich as hell, then you’re doing something wrong.

7) According to people who study this stuff more than me, if the 2019 NFL Draft were today, no quarterbacks would be taken in the first round. Lot can change in a year, though. 

6) Back in 1996, when he was 21, new Lions’ coach Matt Patricia was charged in Texas with aggravated sexual assault- the charge was dismissed ten months later, before it went to trial. 

Why would something like this be made public now? Patricia has been on national TV dozens of times over the past decade; its like someone with an axe to grind spilled the beans. According to, the charge is visible on Lexis’s public records database. Why didn’t someone find this a lot earlier than now? 

Weird situation. GM of the Lions worked for the Patriots for over a decade; did they know? 

Patricia wouldn’t talk much about it Thursday; he’s moving on to mini-camp. 

5) Winnipeg 5, Nashville 1— Jets will take on the Golden Knights in the next round after they won a Game 7 on the road. 

Winnipeg is last Canadian franchise left in playoffs; Golden Knights are NHL team with most Canadian-born players. 

Last Canadian franchise to win Stanley Cup? 1993 Montreal Canadiens. 

4) Cincinnati Reds aren’t wasting any time; newly-acquired Matt Harvey gets the start for the Reds in tonight’s game at Dodger Stadium. 

3) Cardinals ace Carlos Martinez (lat strain) went on the 10-day DL; he is expected to miss only one start.

2) Red Sox pitcher David Price recently revealed that he plays video games three hours a day, but he denied that video games are why he has a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome. 

1) I won’t get into specifics, because I don’t want to get angry e-mails from people complaining about me talking politics, but the shocking lack of decency coming from public officials talking about John McCain, who is very, very ill, makes me want to puke. Simple as that. 

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