Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here…….

13) With 20 more days until the NFL Draft, it is beginning to look like Lamar Jackson will be the most interesting player to follow. 

The Louisville QB was a really good college player- he won the freakin’ Heisman Trophy, but his Wonderlic score wasn’t good and there are reports that when he was analyzing plays/concepts on the white board with coaches, he didn’t do well either, both major red flags for QB prospects. 

Then there’s the thing about his mother being his manager which hasn’t helped anything. 

12) Lot of outfielders now carry an index card in their back pocket to help them position themselves for different hitters. 

11) Fresno State hired San Diego State assistant Justin Hutson as its new coach; he spent the last 12 years as an assistant in the Mountain West, for the Aztecs and at UNLV. He is considered to be a great recruiter— basketball people on Twitter were very enthusiastic about this hire.

10) I mentioned couple weeks ago how Texas-Arlington fired coach/alum Scott Cross despite his team going 72-33 the last three years; now it turns out the Mavericks’ basketball budget is in the lower half…..of the Sun Belt Conference!!!!

School’s AD says he wants the basketball team to be like Gonzaga, but the school spends money like it is a bottom 50 team. No bueno. 

Texas-Arlington’s basketball budget is $1.5M; Gonzaga’s is $7M. 

9) Pretty good basketball tournament Nov 22-23 at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas; Michigan State, North Carolina, UCLA and Texas.

8) Oakland A’s did a logical thing and acquired OF Trayce Thompson off waivers from New York. Trayce will live in Oakland with his brother Klay, who plays across the parking lot from the Oakland Coliseum with the Warriors. 

Trayce Thompson will likely only be in Oakland for 10 days or so, unless he makes a positive  impression before the A’s need a 5th starting pitcher on April 17. 

7) Oddsmakers put out over/unders for individual team totals for each NFL game; say Team A is a 3-point favorite over Team B and the total of 41, then Team A’s total would be 22 and Team B’s would be 19. You wager on stuff like this, if you live somewhere that has legal wagering (ahem). 

Last year the Chargers led the NFL by allowing 4.59 points less per week than their opponents’ over/under; Vikings were next at -3.88 per week. 

6) Houston Texans allowed 4.2 ppg more than their opponents’ total each week; Denver was 31st in the NFL, at +2.98 ppg. 

5) As far as offense goes, he Rams scored 5.75 more ppg than the oddsmakers estimated to lead the league; Jacksonville was next, at +4.72 ppg. 

4) Most disappointing offensive teams were Oakland at -4.14 ppg and Atlanta (-4.06). 

3) I’m not a “Get off my lawn!!!” guy on this subject, but this is an interesting fact, with the strikeout becoming so prevalent now. 

In 1950, Yogi Berra went to the plate 656 times and struck out 12 times. Twelve. 

He hit 28 homers, knocked in 124 runs and struck out 12 times. 

2) Sergio Garcia had a rough day; he hit five balls in the water on the 15th hole and got a 13. He shot an 81, which isn’t good. Garcia can’t even go home when he misses the cut Friday; since he is the defending champ, he’ll present this year’s champ with the green jacket Sunday. 

No one in Masters history had even gotten worse than an 11 on the 15th hole; Ben Crenshaw is one of the guys who got an 11 on #15.

To his credit, Garcia played the last three holes in -1.

1) Brewers’ closer Corey Knebel hurt his hamstring in the 9th inning of Milwaukee’s loss to the Cubs last night. It didn’t look good. The game was 8-0 Cubs when he got hurt. 

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