Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here…..

13) Bryce Harper signs with the Phillies for 13 years, $330M, which works out to $156,695.16 per game, for every game the Phillies play thru 2031. All guaranteed money. 

Keep in mind the National League will probably have the DH starting in 2022, so as Harper gets older, he can take “days off” but still have his bat in the lineup. 

California’s state income tax, at its highest level is over 12%, Pennsylvania has a flat 3% income tax, which may help explain this decision. Giants made a 12-year, $310 million offer, which was actually a decent amount less than the Phillies’ offer, after taxes. 

12) MLB Network was showing spring training games Thursday afternoon, but the games quickly got the hook once Harper’s signing was announced. Not sure I needed to hear four hours of people discussing Harper signing his contract. I don’t give a rat’s ass about anything Bob Costas says. 

If you play fantasy baseball, not the best day to have Nick Williams on your team, like I do. The 25-year old OF loses his starting job now that Harper is in Philly. 

Funny thing, Phillies played split squad games Thursday, and Williams wasn’t in either game, which at 1pm struck me as odd. At 3:00, it made a lot more sense. 

Please trade Nick Williams!!!!! (Baltimore, Miami, Arizona???)

11) Jason Witten came out of retirement and will play for the Cowboys again next season, which opens up a spot in ESPN’s Monday Night Football booth.

10) Tommy John missed the 1975 season after he had the original “Tommy John surgery” on his elbow. Here are his career stats, before and after the surgery:

Before: 12 years, 124-106. 318 starts, one All-Star Game
After: 14 years, 164-125, 382 starts, three All-Star Games

He pitched in the major leagues until he was 46 years old. 

9) Kyler Murray made a lot of money at the NFL Combine Thursday, when he was measured at just over 5-10, and weighed in at 207 pounds. Pretty much the same size as Russell Wilson. he is going to be a top-10 draft pick in April.

8) Raiders are now expected to play home games in Oakland next season, with the plan being to move into their new dome in Las Vegas in 2020. 

7) Upsets of the night in college basketball:
— California (+13.5) 76, Washington 73
— North Dakota (+9.5) 88, Fort Wayne 82
— Florida Atlantic (+9) 60, North Texas
— Elon (+7.5) 73, James Madison 58
— Marshall (+7) 90, Louisiana Tech 79
— San Diego (+6) 91, San Francisco 90 OT
— Xavier (+5) 84, St John’s 73

6) If you live in the Albany area, the 3rd-oldest coin/jewelry store in America is on Wolf Road in Colonie, kind of near Ted’s Fish Fry. Ferris Coin & Jewelry is a pretty cool place; they’ve been in business since 1930. I have some old $2 bills that I thought might be valuable (they’re not), but the people in there were very nice and they answered all my questions. 

5) Actor Mahershala Ali, who won an Academy Award for the movie Green Book last weekend, played basketball in college at Saint Mary’s; he averaged 7 points a game as a senior, back when he was known as Ali Gilmore.

4) Something to think about two weeks from now: over last four years, Kentucky is 12-0 in the SEC basketball tournament, with nine wins by 10+ points. 

In the four tournament finals, Wildcats started 19 different players. Isaiah Briscoe was only guy to start in two of them. 

3) Johnny Manziel got kicked out of the CFL; they didn’t say why. Manziel had been playing for the Montreal Alouettes, who are coached by former Packers’ coach Mike Sherman. Sherman’s son-in-law is Zac Taylor, the Cincinnati Bengals’ new coach.

2) Kid on Xavier made a foul line jumper against St John’s last night, and it dawned on me; you almost never see that shot taken anymore. Everything is layups and 3’s; mid-range jumpers are frowned upon by the analytics people. 

1) Indiana University (PA) started the last week of the regular season ranked No. 2 in the country in Division II, but when they showed up at Edinboro State for their game Wednesday, they realized they had made the 100+-mile trip without an important thing- their uniforms. 

I put myself thru college as student manager of a D-III basketball team; I shudder to think of the grief their manager(s) took for this mistake. IUP won 87-59, much to the manager’(s) relief, but guaranteed they’ll be obsessive about not forgetting things the rest of the season. 

Indiana, PA by the way, is the Christmas Tree Capital of the World; when I was in college, we played in their Christmas tournament, the Christmas Tree Classic. Next town over from Indiana is Punxatawney, where the ground hog sees (or doesn’t see) his shadow every February 2.

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