Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here……

13) Jeez, some people are never satisfied; there was an article on the Interweb this week, criticizing John Calipari because he’s only won one national title in his coaching career. 

He’s been a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament six times, made the Final Four four of those six years, lost in the Elite Eight the other two years. He made the Final Four three times from UMass/Memphis; how have those teams done since he left? 

12) In 2014, he led Kentucky to the national title game as a freakin’ #8-seed, and some jackass is criticizing him? Wow. 

11) 55 of 351 Division I basketball jobs changed hands since the end of last season; former LSU coach Johnny Jones is the new coach at Texas Southern, replacing Mike Davis, who moved on to Detroit. Texas Southern played every non-conference game on the road last year, so Jones ain’t going to have much fun between Veterans’ Day and Christmas. 

10) Was watching the 1993 movie The Firm the other night; last time I saw it was in a theater 25 years ago. What a great cast this movie has:

— Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman, Hal Holbrook, Wilford Brimley
— Ed Harris, Holly Hunter and Gary Busey
— Terry Kinney and David Strathairn, who are both in Billions now, 25 years later.
— Paul Sorvino and Steven Hill, the original DA on Law and Order. 

9) The Firm was the first of the John Grisham books that was turned into a movie. I’ve read most of his books but not all of them. Usually try to read one on the Albany/Las Vegas flights on my vacations. Think The Rooster Bar is next one I’ll read. 

8) NHL star John Tavares is a free agent; if he signs for $11M/year, it would be worth, after taxes, $5.9M/year in Dallas and Tampa, $5.2M in NYC, $4.8M/year in San Jose and $4.5M/year in Toronto.

You wonder how often stuff like that comes into play in free agent decisions.

7) Wendell Carter got picked 7th by the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Draft; he’s going to be a very rich young man as soon as he signs his contract/endorsement deals, but his mother still went public with complaints against Mike Krzyzewski because Duke also recruited Marvin Bagley without consulting the Carter family about it. 

From everything I read, Mrs Carter is a very bright woman, but she also said this, complaining that her son wasn’t the focal point of Duke’s team:

“In college, you have no voice. It’s a system set up that they drop you in and tell you what to do—you be a rebounder, shot-blocker, you take all the shots, nobody else can shoot. My child never got to show his full set of skills. He never got to do that.”

For the love of God, he is the #7 pick in the NBA Draft; Bagley was #2- they’re both going to be really rich. How much did Duke’s coaches have to do with that? Impossible to tell, but they sure as hell didn’t hurt the two young men any. 

Takes a lot of onions for a parent to complain when their son is profiting handsomely. 

6) Joey Votto has been ejected eight times in his career; four of those were in the 1st inning. 

5) New Vikings’ QB Kirk Cousins is going to wind up making just under $127M over a five-year span, not bad for a guy with a career playoff record of 0-1. 

4) We read a lot of cruddy things about celebrities, then there is this from the Washington Post: 

“NFL veterans Josh Norman and Demario Davis picked up toys and book bags Wednesday at a San Antonio Walmart to pass out to immigrant children who were released from detention centers.” 

Good for them. 

3) Baseball injury happenings:
— Brewers’ OF Christian Yelich (sore back) left the game in Cincinnati in the first inning Thursday.
— Astros put SS Carlos Correa (back) on the DL. 

2) Mariners 4, Orioles 2 (11)— Seattle swept a four-game series in Camden Yards, scoring winning run in all four games from the 7th inning on. Orioles’ season has been a nightmare. 

1) Happy birthday to the great Mel Brooks, who turned 92 Thursday; this true comic genius had the first cellphone, in the old 60’s TV show Get Smart, when secret agent Maxwell Smart had a phone in his shoe. Mr Brooks still does voiceovers for movies now and then. 

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