Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here…….

13) Looking at Week 1 of the NFL which is only five weeks away, there are four games with a spread of 7+ points. The question occurred to me, how do favorites of 7+ points do in Week 1 of the NFL? So I looked it up. 

Last six years, 16 teams have been favored by 7+ points in Week 1; those teams went 4-11-1 vs spread. Last three years, Week 1 favorites of 7+ are just 6-4 SU. 

Since 2009, in Week 1 games with a spread of 7+ points, over is 18-12-1. 

12) Week 1 favorites of 7+ points this year:
— Eagles (-9) vs Washington
— Seahawks (-9.5) vs Cincinnati
— Cowboys (-7.5) vs NY Giants
— Saints (-7) vs Houston

11) Over last 20 years, only five teams haven’t been a Week 1 favorite of 7+ points:
Bengals, Browns, Chiefs, Giants, 49ers. 

10) New England has been a Week 1 favorite of 7+ points eight times since 2005; they’re 2-5-1 vs spread in those games. Patriots are -6 vs Pittsburgh in Week 1 this year. 

9) Day after the trade deadline, baseball GM’s who made trades the day before go on their local TV broadcasts and get patted on the back for the great deals he made the day before. 

On Miami telecasts, one of the worst-run franchises in the sport, they tout the new kids in the organization, even the ones hitting .204 and .206 in the minors. Oy.

8) Marlins 5, Twins 4 (12)— Miami tied game with three runs in 9th, won it in the 12th.

7) Baseball stuff:
— Texas DFA’d IF Asdrubel Cabrera and C Tim Federowicz. 

6) Six players and both managers got suspended after the Pirates-Reds fracas the other night; Keone Kale got 10 games, Amir Garrett 8 games. Cincy skipper David Bell got six games, Clint Hurdle got two. 

According to Hall of Fame writer Jayson Stark, this is the most players suspended for one fight since a 2013 incident involving Ian Kennedy/Zack Greinke. 

5) Longtime kicker Phil Dawson retired from the NFL this week, after a 20-year career where he kicked 441 FG’s, 518 PAT’s- he even punted nine times. 

4) White Sox P Lucas Giolito is from a family of actors; his grandfather appeared in five episodes of Seinfeld, playing Susan Ross’ father. His mother Lindsay Frost lists 49 TV and movie credits. 

3) The other night, I stumble upon this old movie, Guilty As Sin on cable late at night while I’m writing; hard to take a movie real serious when the first character you see in the movie is a judge being played by the guy who was Morty in Meatballs. 

Movie had Jack Warden and Rebecca DeMornay in it, though, so it wasn’t all bad. 

2) San Francisco Giants have won three World Series in this decade; surprising thing is who they beat in those series, the Rangers, Tigers, Royals. 

1) One bettor at the Westgate in Las Vegas placed a $100,500 wager on the 76ers to make the playoffs this coming season at -$5,000 odds; the bet would win $2,010. 

Same guy made/won a similar bet on Golden State last season.

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