Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with the weekend here……

13) Eagles 34, Packers 27:
— Green Bay had ball inside Philly’s 20-yard line on 7 of their 10 drives, but scored zero points on their last two drives in the red zone.
— Aaron Rodgers threw for 422 yards but was also Green Bay’s leader rusher (46 yards); no one else had more than 21.
— Davante Adams caught 10 balls for 180 yards but hurt his foot, didn’t play late in the game.

— Fun game to watch; was 21-20 at the half.
— Packers outgained Philly 491-336, but were minus-2 in turnovers.
— Eagles ran 60 plays; only nine were on 3rd down- they didn’t turn ball over. 

12) A’s 3, Mariners 1:
Oakland clinches at least a tie for one Wild Card spot; they can clinch for real tonight. 

This was also Felix Hernandez’s last start in Seattle, after 14 years with the Mariners; they had a huge crowd for this game to honor one of the most popular Mariners ever. 

Felix is a Seattle icon who played his whole career for the Mariners, instead of skipping town for more money elsewhere, and that is rare these days. 

11) Veteran utility guy Asdrubel Cabrera has 37 RBI in 36 games with Washington; he’s been a big help in their run to the playoffs.

10) I was a big Addams Family fan as a kid; Cousin Itt and Thing were my two favorite characters. Now in the new Addams Family movie, I see that Snoop Dawg is voicing the Cousin Itt character, but in their promos on Twitter, they were calling him Cousin It (one t). Not really sure why, but Cousin Itt was an oddly funny character and I hope this movie is good. 

9) Twins 10, Tigers 4— Detroit finishes its home season with a 22-59 record, beating out the ’62 New York Mets for the most home losses in a season. When you’re more inept than the ’62 Mets, you have serious problems. 

Then again, the ’69 Mets won the World Series only seven years after that disaster; the ’62 Mets were an expansion team, so they had a valid excuse. 

8) Sometimes life makes no sense:
Red Sox won the World Series LY but fired GM Dave Dombrowski this year. 

Detroit is 46-112 this year, but gave GM Al Avila a contract extension. Go figure. 

7) 2019 Phillies have lost seven of their last nine games, missing the playoffs. 

2018 Phillies lost nine of their last 11 games, missing out on the playoffs. 

How do the Phillies justify bringing manager Gabe Kapler back in 2020? 

6) Tony Romo shot 2-under par Thursday and is T28 at the Safeway Open in Napa, CA; thats really impressive. If Romo makes the cut Friday, Boomer Esiason takes his place on the Bears-Vikings telecast Sunday in Minneapolis. 

5) Memo to TV announcers: Week 4 games aren’t “must-win” unless a team is 0-3; even then, the Chargers made the Super Bowl once after starting a season 0-4. Must-win means the season is over if you lose. Seasons can’t end in September, though they can be badly damaged. 

4) Sunday is the last day of baseball’s regular season; all the games that day start at 3:00ET, to maximize drama in case a playoff spot comes down to the last day. Good idea.

3) One thing for damn sure: I won’t be wagering on any home run over/under totals next year, because there is no way of knowing what next year’s baseballs will be like. 

After the barrage of home runs this year, it sounds like MLB is going to look at how the baseballs are made. This year’s baseballs are like freakin’ Superballs, but with lot of negative press about the lack of balls in play, changes could be made, and it is doubtful they’ll be publicized. 

2) Congrats to the great announcer Marty Brennaman, who called his last Cincinnati Reds game on the radio Thursday afternoon. Brennaman’s first game with the Reds was in 1974, when Hank Aaron hit his 714th home run in Cincinnati, for the Braves. What a great run he’s had.

1) I didn’t know that before being hired by the Cincinnati Reds in 1974, Brennaman was the voice of the ABA’s Virginia Squires, an interesting team that had Julius Erving and George Gervin on the roster at the same time. 

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