Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with the weekend here……..

13) Justin Bour hit 22 homers in the first round of Home Run Derby Monday night; he didn’t advance, but the reaction his two teammates (Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna) had after he finished his round was one of the things that makes sports great.

Stanton/Ozuna are both more famous than Bour, but their joy at his success was very cool- when you have teammates that enjoy other teammates’ successes, that makes things fun. It was refreshing to see.

12) You could wager in Las Vegas on whether the first pitch of the All-Star Game would be a ball or a strike. Turns out Jose Altuve swung/missed at the first pitch.

11) Joey Votto is a great player, but he is 0-10 in All-Star Games, tied with Terry Moore for most AB’s in All-Star Games without getting a hit.

10) Arizona Diamondbacks are usually short on pitching. On December 8, 2009, they made this trade:

Arizona got: Edwin Jackson, Ian Kennedy
Detroit got: Max Scherzer, Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, Daniel Sclereth
New York (A) got: Curtis Granderson

Not a great trade by the Diamondbacks. Scherzer is 126-59 since leaving Arizona.

9) PJ Carlesimo said De’Aaron Fox and Jayson Tatum were the two most impressive rookies in the Las Vegas summer league.

8) New England Patriots have had the same coordinators since 2012. Every other team in the NFL has had at least one coordinator change in the last two years.

7) Atlanta Falcons have a new domed stadium opening this fall: at least the food will be affordable. $2 hot dogs, $3 nachos, $5 for a Bud Light. Tickets to the games are probably expensive as hell, but the food is definitely reasonably priced.

6) Random fact: Oakland A’s assistant general manager Dan Feinstein, in charge of pro scouting and player personnel, was a Medieval European History major at Cal-Davis. Not sure if they had baseball in medieval Europe, but at least the guy went to a state college.

5) They had 7,024 people at the AAA All-Star Game in Tacoma Wednesday night. Minor league baseball is solid, affordable entertainment.

4) Suns’ GM Ryan McDonough signed a player named Mike James, who at one time played ball at Eastern Arizona College, a school McDonough said he had never heard of (me either). James went on to play at Lamar, and then in Europe for a while.

Eastern Arizona is in Thatcher, AZ; its teams are known as the Gila Monsters.

3) Las Vegas sports books saved around $100,000 because a lot of people who bet on the Cubs to win the World Series last year decided to keep their winning tickets as souvenirs, rather than cash them in. The 180-day deadline to cash winning tickets passed in May.

2) Every NFL team got $244M from the league’s national revenue sharing program last year; that is $7.8B in total revenues and thats before a ticket is sold in the stadiums. Must be nice.

1) Kid Rock might run for the US Senate from Michigan; Dwayne (Rock) Johnson might run for President. This is life in 2017.

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