Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with the weekend here…….

13) Zion Williamson supposedly has a Grade 1 sprained knee; no one is saying how long he is out for. “Day-to-day” is the official word; seemed to me Wednesday that his injury wasn’t a minor thing. Hope the young man does what is best for him; he has a lot of money sitting on the table, waiting for him to grab it this spring/summer. 

Then there is the other side of the coin…….

Kenyon Martin played college ball at Cincinnati; he was the #1 pick in the 2000 NBA draft. Martin broke his leg in the C-USA tournament his senior season, a situation not unlike Williamson’s Wednesday. 

Martin went on to earn $113,035,975 in his NBA career, so most injuries do heal.

12) Bucks 98, Celtics 97— Is Milwaukee the quietest 44-14 team ever? 

11) Cavaliers 111, Suns 98— Phoenix and the Knicks both have 11 wins; they play each other March 6. Will either team win a game before then? 

10) Pittsburgh Steelers let star RB Le’Veon Bell walk; he will be a free agent when the new NFL year starts next month. Looks like Steelers will be without Bell and Antonio Brown, which means a much different offensive look for them next fall.

9) Western Kentucky is getting coach Rick Stansbury back this weekend; he had back surgery last weekend and has missed the last four games. 

8) Steve Stricker will be the captain of the American team the next time they hold the Ryder Cup; he will be the first American captain ever who hasn’t won a major tournament. 

7) Upsets of the night in college hoop:
— SIU-Edwardsville (+6.5) 85, Tennessee State 84
— UL-Monroe (+5.5) 63, Texas State 60
— San Francisco (+4) 77, BYU 71

6) Saw an old film clip today of the great QB Sonny Jurgensen back when he was playing for the Eagles in the early 60’s; while being rushed, he throws a pass behind his back, and completes it to a running back in the left flat. 

Apparently it was an exhibition game in 1961 against the college all-stars; back then, the NFL champs played the college all-stars in the first exhibition game the next summer. Jurgensen was a really good QB and also a bit of a character. 

5) Statistic I never would’ve guessed; who has scored the most runs this decade? How about Ian Kinsler, with 851. I would’ve sat here for an hour and not come up with that one. 

4) Arena Football League has expanded to six teams for this season, adding Atlantic City and Columbus, OH to the league, joining Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore and Albany. 

3) AA Eastern League is moving to a split-season format, meaning the first/second half champs will meet in the playoffs. You wonder if the major leagues will consider something like that down the road someday, to re-boot interest in losing teams during the summer. 

2) In case you were wondering, before the All-Star break, James Harden dribbled the ball 29,055 times, more than anyone else in the NBA. 

1) Every time it snows here in beautiful upstate New York, I price condos in Las Vegas, but this week, it has snowed twice in Las Vegas, with the snow Wednesday night enough that there was a chance schools would be closed on Thursday. Their last school closing for snow was in 2008.

In case you were wondering, the city of Las Vegas owns two snow plows. Two. 

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