Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff with the weekend here……

13) Oregon State visits Columbus in Ohio State’s football opener; smart people in Las Vegas dropped the spread on the game from 39 to 35.5, on the thought that Urban Meyer might get a one-game slap on the wrist for lying about whatever he knew/didn’t know about the domestic violence situation one of his former assistants was involved in. 

Laying 35 instead of 38.5 will still take some onions, if Meyer isn’t coaching. 

12) Pretty sad that people are already speculating that Iowa State coach Matt Campbell will be the guy who replaces Meyer if the OSU administration fires him. 

So an Ohio State assistant coach was accused of domestic violence, the head coach apparently lied about knowing the situation existed, and as punishment, Iowa State loses its coach? Seems fair to me. 

11) New Jersey joined Nevada this week as the only states with legalized digital sports wagering. It is still amazing to me how New Jersey was right on top of getting sports betting off the ground, but neighboring NY/Pennsylvania are still dragging their feet. 

10) Philip Evans started Wednesday’s game at 2B for the Mets; he broke his leg when a runner slid into him trying to break up a double play. 

Jose Reyes took his place and homered from both sides of the plate, making him the first Met ever to homer from both sides of the plate in a game that he didn’t start. 

9) Every now and then, I do my list of favorite movie scenes and one I’ve neglected to put on there is when Roy Hobbs hits the game-winning homer at the end of The Natural. Amazing music, with Hobbs rounding the bases and the lights from the fireworks reflecting off the glasses of manager Wilford Brimley. 

Music is so cool that 35 years later, the Texas Rangers still play it every time one of their players hits a home run in one of their home games.

8) No idea what to make of it, but supposedly Patrick Mahomes is struggling badly early in Chiefs’ camp— he played one game last year, so he is still a rookie, and all rookies are suspect until they aren’t suspect anymore. 

In case you’re wondering (I was), Chad Henne and Matt McGloin are the Chiefs’ backups. Not exactly Earl Morrall or Steve Young as a backup. 

You have to remember, the last three years, Kansas City was +14/+16/+15 in turnovers; hard to replicate that with a rookie QB who is likely to make some mistakes. Play-it-safe QB Alex Smith works for the Redskins now. 

7) Caesars Entertainment stock fell 14.8% Wednesday (it was down 24% at one point) as the gaming company revealed a cautious forecast for the upcoming quarter. Not good. 

6) In case you need to borrow some money, Apple now has $243.7B in cash on hand, thats billion, with a B. They had $267.2B on hand in March; meanwhile, I’m going thru the couch cushions trying to get enough money to go to McDonald’s. Must be nice. 

5) Hue Jackson is coach of the Cleveland Browns, the team HBO is focused on this summer as it films Hard Knocks. Coach Jackson’s mother and brother both died in the last two weeks— can’t imagine what that is like, trying to coach your team when you know another bad year will cost you your job- then two of your closest relatives die within two weeks of each other, all while cameras follow you all over training camp. 

Jackson’s mom had been ill for a long time, but his brother passed away unexpectedly. 

4) Because of rainouts, Braves are playing 42 days the next 42 days, with two doubleheaders and two days off in there. 

3) Guy I know is a big Chicago Bears fan; he and his wife are headed to Canton today to see Brian Uhrlacher get inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday night. Hope they have a great time. 

Big weekend in that area, with the PGA Tour up the road in Akron. 

2) Few years ago, no pro sports leagues would touch Las Vegas; then the Golden Knights took off on The Strip, the Raiders are a hot ticket with 2020 and a new domed stadium on the horizon and now the NBA is making noise about putting a team in America’s favorite city. Interesting. 

1) I went grocery shopping today; no one asked me for a photo ID. Must’ve been an oversight on their part. 

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