Friday’s List of 13: Random stuff from the Buckeye State

13) Greetings from Canton, Ohio; made the trip from Las Vegas Wednesday for the Hall of Fame ceremonies this weekend. Long trip; flying from Vegas to Phoenix to Cleveland, with ton of Arizona Cardinal fans on the flight to Ohio to see their Redbirds play Dallas tonight.

12) I made my hotel reservations for this weekend on February 4, the night before the Super Bowl, but some genius at deleted my reservation the next day, unbeknownst to me. Captain Obvious would tell you that this is bad for both business and my blood pressure.

Luckily, the two desk clerks here found an available room and saved me from looking like a dimwit had I driven a rental car 8 hours home from here with nowhere to stay.

11) Assistant basketball coaches from Baylor/Louisville are in Estonia now recruiting Balsa Koprivica, a Class of 2019 big man. That can’t be a lot of fun to make a trip that long.

10) Atlanta Braves went 24-20 while Freddie Freeman was on the DL; they’re 9-16 since he came back, primarily because they’re playing much better teams now.

9) Braves’ 2B Ozzie Albies is the first major leaguer born in 1997 or later.

8) Dodgers are paying Carl Crawford $21,857,142 not to play this season; his last major league game was last season, when he played 30 games for LA.

7) Nevada sports books won $14.9M in baseball action in June, their best month ever in baseball.

6) When the Mountain West had its football media day in Las Vegas recently, Hawai’i football coach Nick Rolovich hired an Elvis impersonator to follow him around for two hours, at $350 an hour. Thank you, thank you very much.

5) Indiana Hoosiers haven’t had a linebacker drafted by the NFL since 1988 (Van Waiters); considering they play in the Big 14, thats hard to believe. Recruit some defensive players!!!

4) Cleveland’s Austin Jackson made a fantastic catch Tuesday night at Fenway Park, catching the ball over the bullpen fence in right-center field. Best catch this year, no doubt.

3) Colorado Rockies’ closer Greg Holland cut his hand in a kitchen accident and is day-to-day.

2) Dave Bliss has been hired as the boys basketball coach/athletic director at Calvary Chapel, a Christian school in Las Vegas. Why is this newsworthy?

Bliss was a very good college coach, at New Mexico/Baylor/Oklahoma/SMU; in 2005, he was hit with a 10-year show-cause penalty by the NCAA, after its investigation into the death of one of Baylor’s players, which Bliss tried to cover up.

If your son played ball at this school, would you want Coach Bliss coaching your son?

1) Braves 5, Dodgers 3— LA’s 56-game winning streak when they had a lead comes to an end; it is a major league record, with 32 games the next highest such streak.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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