Friday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) NFL QB’s, how many TD passes they’ve thrown to 1st-round draft picks in their careers:
293— Peyton Manning
135— Eli Manning
127— Brett Favre
105— Tom Brady
104— Drew Brees
84— Dan Marino
1— Aaron Rodgers

12) Redskins’ QB Alex Smith broke his leg during the 2018 season, so a year and a half ago; since then, he’s had 17 surgeries on that leg. ESPN has a 30/30 on Smith’s health Friday night. Last I heard, he is going to try and play again.

11) Wake Forest signed Steve Forbes as its new basketball coach; Forbes were 103-43 as coach at East Tennessee State— he is a former assistant to Bruce Pearl at Tennessee.

10) Jameis Winston signed on with the Saints as a backup QB; this is supposed to be Drew Brees’ last year as a player, so Winston gets a head start on trying to be his replacement.

Winston has had LASIX surgery (seriously) recently, which he says has been a big help.

9) Dennis Rodman had seven games in his NBA career where he grabbed 20+ rebounds, but didn’t score a point in that game. Thats the most in NBA history.

Next highest on that list? Marcus Camby, with two such games.

8) Someone online posted draft grades (A-F) of 13 draft analysts, then averaged them all out, and came out with a GPA, like you’d have in college.
3.92— Minnesota
3.83— Dallas
3.79— Baltimore
3.75— Arizona
3.72— Cincinnati

7) Lowest five on that same rating system:
1.31— Green Bay
2.07— Houston
2.18— Seattle
2.32— Las Vegas
2.35— Philadelphia

6) Cincinnati Bengals released QB Andy Dalton, who started for them for nine years. Will Dalton get a contract somewhere? He and Cam Newton are free agents.

5) Bengals had the first pick in every round of last week’s draft, the third time they’ve had that, which isn’t good. No other team has ever had that more than once.

4) Joe Burrow’s contract with Cincinnati: 4-year deal worth $36,190,137, with a $23,880,100 signing bonus.

3) 2021 NFL Draft was pushed back a week, to April 29-May 1; weather in Cleveland can be dicey at this time of year.

2) 144 college football players declared early for this year’s NFL Draft; 44 of them (30.6%) didn’t get drafted.

1) When baseball starts up again, and it is beginning to sound like it will in late June, I’m going to have to re-boot my brain. Completely forgot than on March 10, I traded Manny Machado for Kris Bryant, in a 5-player deal in our fantasy league. Seems like three years ago.

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