Friday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) Next Friday in this space we’ll be analyzing the 2017 NFL schedule, since apparently it is being released Thursday night on the NFL Network. The old coach Bud Grant used to say “It is not who you play, it is when you play them.” Next week the ’17 season begins to take shape.

12) I have an idea for an NFL Films reality show, kind of a Hard Knocks after the season.

Apparently teams do exit interviews after the season with players, to talk about what they need to work on in the offseason, or if they’ll be back next year— this is done to keep the lines of communication open. It would make great TV- there have to be some interesting discussions.

11) Last April, Trevor Story took baseball by storm, hitting .261 with 10 homers, 20 RBI just in April. This year? Not so much; Story is hitting .143 with one homer, two RBI- he hit his first HR last night, off Madison Bumgarner, so maybe he is turning things around.

10) Most Dodger games aren’t on TV in the Las Vegas sportsbooks, which is dumb, because of some blackout rule. It makes zero sense; Vegas is three hours from LA, baseball could use the exposure from Dodger fans in Las Vegas wanting to watch their team play. This should be fixed.

9) Arizona has a rookie manager this year in Torey Lovullo, his dad was a producer on the old Hee Haw TV show, the country music show with Roy Clark/Buck Owens.

8) Remember the old medal gymnast Mary Lou Retton? Her dad played basketball at West Virginia, with Jerry West. Mary Lou didn’t get her dad’s height.

7) Memphis Grizzlies’ PG Mike Conley has played in 756 NBA games, 24,854 minutes and he has never gotten a technical foul— not even one!!!

6) Sharp money on the Boston Bruins came in Tuesday, forcing the B’s Stanley Cup odds to drop from 28-1 to 16-1. Bruins are favored over Ottawa in this first round series, despite not having home ice advantage in the series.

5) When Hurricane Matthew ripped thru South Carolina last year, Harbourtown Country Club on Hilton Head lost over 500 trees.

4) Former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville might run for governor of Alabama next year. No idea if he would be a good candidate, but they do take football seriously in Alabama.

3) Orlando Magic fired their GM, apparently want to hire Grant Hill to take his place, but Hill is already a part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks and might not be interested.

2) Portland’s Moe Harkless has a clause in his contract that gives him a $500K bonus if he shot 35% from the arc this season.

Going into the season finale Wednesday, Harkless was at 35.1% on the arc; if he goes 0-1, he drops below 35%. So what did he do? He played 22 minutes but didn’t take a 3-pointer. Thats plus-$500K for Mr Harkless, Not exactly the competitive spirit of Ted Williams, but half a million bucks guaranteed is a sweet deal.

1— Got home very late from my trip; we got delayed taking off in Las Vegas. My thanks to the people at SouthPoint Casino, an underrated place for your next Vegas vacation.

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