Friday’s List of 13: Basketball notes from this week……

13) Marquette 106, Creighton 104 OT— Bluejays totally butchered game management at end of regulation; they had ball out of bounds with 0:00.8 left, up 3 points- they throw the ball the length of the court, but it goes out of bounds without being touched, then Marquette drains a desperation 3-pointer at the buzzer to force OT. 

All they had to do was flip the ball to a Marquette player inside the arc and the game was over, but thats not what happened. 

Marquette’s Markus Howard scored 53 points, most ever in a Big East game; he nailed 10-14 treys, 13-15 on foul line. Horrific home loss for Creighton.

12) Virginia Tech 52, Georgia Tech 49— Look at this score, then you remember that Markus Howard scored 53 by himself at Creighton. Different styles of play, for sure.

11) UCLA 87, Oregon 84 OT— Staggering collapse by the Ducks, who led 76-68 with 0:44 left in regulation- it was 72-59 with 2:30 left. Bruins are 3-0 under interim coach Murry Bartow. 

10) Villanova 76, St John’s 71— Red Storm led by 13 early, by 5 with 3:48 left, but faded badly down stretch and lost for second time in four Big East games. Villanova ended the game on a decisive 14-4 run. 

Sign of times; there were 67 3-pointers taken in this game, 48 2-pointers, 30 foul shots. Red Storm basically played only six guys (a 7th guy played 5:00). 67 possessions; slow tempo, lot of jump shots late in the shot clock.  

9) Hofstra 93, William & Mary 90, 3OT—Visiting Pride led by 10 at the half, survived in triple OT— four Hofstra kids played 42:00+, with Wright-Foreman playing whole 55:00. Four guys on W&M played 44:00. 

Bad beat of the night: Northeastern (-9) won/covered 81-70 at Elon, but in OT. If you have the underdog +9 and the game goes overtime, you’re supposed to win.

8) ESPN has obviously told his game analysts to hype up Zion Williamson at every chance, the way they did with Trey Young LY and Ben Simmons the year he was at LSU. 

Williamson doesn’t need the hype, he is really good, but ESPN has this new thing where they seem to choose one player a year and they hype him up so much that you wind up rooting against him. 

7) Warriors 122, Knicks 95— Klay Thompson scored 43 points for the Warriors Tuesday, on 29 shots. On the 29 touches where he shot, Thompson dribbled a total of four times. Four. 

6) Pitt 89, Louisville 86 OT— Panthers end a 23-game ACC regular season losing streak. Jeff Capel has Pitt heading in the right direction, and he’s done it quickly. 

5) Eastern Michigan 84, Ball State 82, 2OT— Ball’s Trey Moses had 16 points, 10 assists, but he was 4-15 on the foul line in a game the Cardinals led by 3 in the last minute of regulation. Tough way to lose; Ball State was 15-30 on foul line in a 2-point loss.  

4) Ole Miss 82, Auburn 67— Rebels outscored Auburn 27-9 on foul line, never trailed in moving to 12-2 under new coach Kermit Davis, who built a mid-major power at Middle Tennessee the last few years.

3) Quinnipiac 89, Monmouth 83, 2OT— Bobcats led 63-49 with 1:36 to play, blew the lead, as Monmouth somehow scored 34 points in last 11:36 of this game, but still lost. Quinnipiac was -8 (22-14) in turnovers, but still got the win. 

2) Kansas State 71, West Virginia 69— Wildcats trailed 20-3 early, by 21 with 17:46 left, but rallied to hand the Mountaineers their third straight Big X loss. West Virginia is 0-3 in its conference for first time since an 0-6 start in the ’02 Big East.

1) There were 32 games in the Las Vegas rotation Wednesday night; in 8 of the 32 games, the team that lost had a lead of 10+ points at some point in the game; five of those teams led by 14+ points at one point. Lot of runs/droughts in college games these days. 

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