Friday’s List of 13: A Baker’s dozen interesting things…….

13) Browns 21, Jets 17— This rematch of the first-ever Monday Night Football game in 1970 gave us an awful lot to think about. 

— This game was awful, a total dud, until Tyrod Taylor got hurt in the 2nd quarter, with Jets leading 14-0. Rookie Baker Mayfield made his NFL debut, and he sparked the Browns to this win- who does he remind me of? I’ll get back to you on this. 
— You could hear it in Troy Aikman’s voice how excited he was to see Mayfield play; you could read the Browns players’ body language- they were excited, too.
— Cleveland and the Jets are BOTH vastly improved; this was the Browns’ night, but Sam Darnold will be a good player, in time.
— Lot of free beer was given out in Cleveland Thursday; hope everyone was safe.
— After the game, Hue Jackson wouldn’t commit to Mayfield being the starter going forward. If I owned the Browns, I’d make that decision for Jackson. Then again, if I owned the Browns, Hue Jackson wouldn’t be the coach. 

12) Cleveland Browns as a favorite last 3+ years
2018: -3 vs NJ Jets: W21-17
2017: -1.5 @ Colts L28-31
2017: -1 vs NJ Jets L14-17
2015: -4 vs Ravens L27-33
2015: -1.5 vs 49ers: W24-10

11) Browns sideline reporter Nathan Zegura was banned from the team’s radio broadcasts for eight games, after he yelled at an NFL official over a call during Sunday’s loss to the Saints in the Superdome. He was also banned from his weekday radio show for two weeks, and won’t return to the radio station’s pre-game or post-game shows.

10) Each NFL teams has 10 players on their practice squad, so thats 320 players- out of those 320 guys, 141 of them weren’t drafted, so 44% of practice squad guys were overlooked in the draft, which gives lot of obscure players hope. 

9) So far this season, in two games: 

Saints’ WR Mike Thomas: 28 catches, 269 yards, 3 TDs
All the Buffalo Bills: 29 catches, 343 yards, 1 TD

8) Roughing the passer penalty called on Green Bay’s Clay Matthews with 1:37 left in regulation Sunday was a terrible call; it negated the game-clinching INT by Green Bay. Minnesota went on to tie the game, and the game ended that way, so it cost the Packers a half-game in standings. 

But think about it, Minnesota missed two FG’s in the OT, and they changed kickers during this week, so that call also cost the Vikings’ kicker his job. 

7) Watching Aaron Rodgers in that game, I was reminded of when we first went out to bars to watch out-of-town NFL games on the satellite dish, back 25-30 years ago. Was worth the time and effort, just to watch Barry Sanders run with the ball— feel the same way about Rodgers now. 

6) Baltimore Ravens have won their last 14 exhibition games; now we might know why; they were just fined $200,000 by the NFL for having multiple players wearing hearing devices in their helmets during preseason games- only one is allowed on the field at any time. 

Ravens, like all guilty parties, threw their hands up and said “We didn’t know!!!” that the rule pertained to the preseason too. Uh-huh. 

5) If Alabama was playing in the national title game this weekend, the spreads vs various opponents would be:

— Alabama -9.5 vs Ohio State
— Alabama -10.5 vs Georgia
— Alabama -11.5 vs Clemson
— Alabama -14.5 vs Oklahoma 

4) Mets shut down P Zach Wheeler for his last two starts; Wheeler threw 182.1 IP this year, compared to 86.1 last year- he didn’t pitch anywhere in 2015-16, but did throw 185.1 innings in 2014 (after 100 IP in ’13). They’re erring on the side of caution.

3) You can bet on almost anything, its actually fun to figure this stuff out:

How many missed extra points will there be in Week 3 of the NFL?
over 4,  -$135
under 4, -$105

2) Angels’ catcher Francisco Arcia is the first player EVER to pitch, catch and hit a home run in the same game. He mopped up on the mound in the Halos’ 21-3 loss to Oakland Thursday. 

1) Major League Baseball needs to scrap its blackout policy; do you know they rarely show Dodger games on TV in Las Vegas casinos, because of those stupid rules?

I was in the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas back in May; there were probably a hundred people left in the book, and the Dodger game was the last game going— they could have had in-game wagering, but the game couldn’t be shown, so the screens had nothing live going on, since it was off-night for any NBA/NHL playoff action.

So instead of a hundred people hanging around, wagering/talking/thinking about baseball, or the very least, watching it, everyone scattered to other parts of the casino or home or up to their rooms. How does that help baseball?

Expose your product to as many people as possible!!!! Thats how to grow your business. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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