Saturday’s List of 13: Clearing out a cluttered mind…….

13) According to the Sacramento Bee, a former top executive of the Sacramento Kings is suspected of siphoning off $13.4M from two of the team’s top sponsors and using the funds to buy beachfront property in Southern California. 

FBI and federal prosecutors are investigating Jeffrey R. David, 44, the former chief revenue officer for the Kings who currently holds the same job with the Miami Heat. 

12) There have been 81 walk-off homers in the major leagues this season, which is a new record. 

11) Florida Atlantic has a QB named Chris Robison, a 4-star recruit from Texas who originally signed with Oklahoma out of high school and enrolled in Norman in January 2017, He was arrested for public intoxication three months later and was later tossed in August 2017 for another unspecified violation.

Now Robison is playing for Lane Kiffin at FAU; the Owls haven’t announced who the starting QB will be for their opener at Oklahoma, and most figure they’ll play more than one QB anyway, but has to be emotional for this kid to start his college career against the Sooners.  

10) Phillies lost a game 5-4 this week when they had the tying run on 2nd base with one out; batter hits a fly ball to center, the pinch-runner on second (pitcher Vince Velasquez) tags up and goes to third, but he left second too early and Washington appealed the play and the game ended. Not the ideal way to lose a game when you’re in a pennant race. 

9) A’s pitcher Trevor Cahill has started 17 games this year:
— Home: eight starts, 0.85 ERA
— Road: nine starts, 7.02 ERA

8) Houston Astros finally gave manager AJ Hinch a contract extension, which he earned by winning the World Series last year. 

7) Giants dealt OF Andrew McCutchen to the Bronx for two prospects; does this mean Aaron Judge might not be ready for the playoffs? 

6) David Price got hit on his left (pitching) wrist by a 102 mph line drive Wednesday and left the game. Last thing the Red Sox (or anyone) needs right now is an injury to a pitcher. 

5) Albert Pujols had knee surgery, is done for this year. Shohei Ohtani will pitch for the Angels against Houston on the Sunday night ESPN game, his first start since June 6. 

4) Memo to TV people; don’t show roughing-the-passer penalties in slow motion. EVERY hit looks like roughing if you don’t show it at game speed. 

3) Royals traded 1B Lucas Duda to Atlanta; teams will equally divide the $600K Duda is due the rest of this season. 

2) LSU’s starting QB Joe Burrow is a transfer from Ohio State; he threw 11 passes LY as the Buckeyes’ 3rd-string QB. Two of the three guys he beat out for the starting job have already transferred out of Baton Rouge.

Wonder how Bayou Bengal fans feel about Ohio State’s 3rd-string QB being their starter. 

1) NFL teams will cut their rosters down from 90 players to 53 this weekend; to lot of us, those are just names on a computer screen, but those are 1,184 young guys who are looking for a job- guys with families and friends. Much respect to anyone who even made it to a training camp. 

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