Friday’s Den: Trying to make sense of what’s going on……

13) This website started on June 14, 2001, so it was still in its infancy when 9/11 happened; Back then, I just stopped writing for a week or so, until games started up again and we tried to get back to normal.

The last few days have a 9/11 feel to them; lot of uncertainty, sadness. This time, I’ll try and keep the home page going every day, probably with lists and general ramblings.

12) Just about all the conference basketball tournaments were cancelled Thursday, but the record will show that St John’s led Creighton 34-29 at halftime when the Big East got in line with everyone else and cancelled their tournament.

11) ACC brought Florida State’s team out on the floor, in uniform, to present them with the regular season trophy as they announced to the crowd that the ACC event was cancelled.

10) Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell tested positive for the coronavirus, the second Utah player to do so; Obviously, we wish both Mitchell and Rudy Gobert well.

9) 58 Jazz players/personnel had coronavirus tests Wednesday night, which of course caused some people to complain, since tests are supposedly hard to come by. And also because there are some people who just like to complain.

8) I usually don’t like quoting speculation, but thats all we have in lot of cases right now; sounds like the NBA/NHL could wind up with a multi-week break in the action, with playoffs lasting into July after things hopefully resume.

7) As I was typing this, the NHL and now major league baseball both suspended operations indefinitely. Sounds like I’m going to be watching a lot of movies the next few weeks.

6) NASCAR will run its races without fans at Atlanta and Homestead.

5) Philadelphia Eagles are shutting down their training facility, team owner Jeffrey Lurie said in a statement. Wonder how many NFL teams will follow suit?

4) When Michigan, Ohio State cancel their spring football games, you know things are serious. If Alabama cancels their spring game, then it might be time to worry.

3) Bovada actually posted odds for which league will be first to play a regular season or playoff game. Seriously, this is real:
NBA +$200
MLB +$200
NHL +$210
MLS +$375

2) Cancellation of the NCAA tournament will probably cost Las Vegas sportsbooks well over $100M in handle, not to mention how much it would cost the hotels with cancelled reservations.  $100M in handle isn’t profit, it is only action, but thats a lot of lost action.
1) Speaking of which, after lot of thought, and I do mean A LOT of thought, I cancelled my upcoming trip to Las Vegas, which is a sad thing. Just want to do the right thing, and figured that staying close to home until things settle down was the best path to take.

The term “social distancing” comes into play here; it describes how we need to reduce the probability of contact between people carrying an infection, and others who are not infected.

Stay well, everyone. 

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