Friday’s Den: Thoughts on the NFC schedules

— Week 1 starts on a Thursday with Buffalo visiting the Super Bowl champion Rams; it ends on Monday, with  Russell Wilson going back to Seattle to see his old friends, the Seahawks.

Matthew Stafford’s brother-in-law is an assistant coach with Buffalo.

— Six divisional games in Week 1, which seems like more than usual:

— Thanksgiving games:
Buffalo @ Detroit, Giants @ Dallas, New England @ Minnesota.

Byes seem to be later than in previous seasons. 

Here are some notes for each team’s schedule.
NFC teams:
— Play only four games outdoors this season; 13 dome games.
— Cold weather game in Week 15, at Denver.
— Don’t leave home in Weeks 11-14; three home games and a bye
— Bye is in Week 13
— Three of their last four games are on road.

— Week 10 Thursday game vs Carolina is only night game for either team.
— Falcons-Panthers play in weeks 8-10.
— Weeks 2-3 they’ll be on west coast, visiting Rams/Seattle.
— Bye is in Week 14
— NFL isn’t expecting much from them; 16 games at 1:00 local time.

— Week 1 vs Cleveland; which team will Baker Mayfield be on?
— Four of their first five games are at home.
— Bye is in Week 13.
— Week 10 Thursday game vs Carolina is only night game for either team.
— They’re on road three weeks in row (Weeks 3-5).

— Have three night games in first seven weeks (Wks 2-6-7)
— Visit New Jersey twice (Week 4 vs Giants, Week 12 vs Jets)
— Bye is in Week 14
— Weeks 13-16, they’ve got three home games and a bye.
— Play four road games in domed stadiums. 

— Mike McCarthy visits his old team/Lambeau Field in Week 10
— Three of their last four games are on road.
— Dallas is at home three of first four games.
— They’re also at home in Weeks 12-14.
— Bye week is Week 9

— 17 games scheduled at 1:00; not a lot of faith there.
— Thanksgiving game is against Buffalo.
— Bye week is Week 6, pretty early.
— Have cold weather games at Jets (Week 15), Packers (Week 18)
— Are at home Weeks 12-14.

Green Bay
— Play Giants in London in Week 5
— Don’t have bye the next week; they host Jets instead.
— After Jet game, they’re on road more three weeks in row.
— Have five primetime games, only five 1:00 games.
— Their bye week is Week 14.

— Open season against Buffalo at home on a Thursday.
— Have 10 games at SoFi; Charger game January 1 is an away game.
— Have only one 1;00 game, Week 11 in New Orleans.
— Bye week is Week 7, earlier than you’d expect.
— December 19 Monday night game in Green Bay is genius scheduling. 

— Close with two cold weather games, at Green Bay, at Chicago.
— Play four of their first five games at home.
— Week 9 at Washington; Kirk Cousins against his old team.
— Bye week is Week 7.
— Week 5, they play Saints in England, then host Chicago in Week 6. In past, almost all the teams that played overseas had bye week the next week.

NJ Giants
— Open season at Tennessee; their next true road game is Week 7 at Jaguars.
— Week 5 they play Green Bay in London.
— All four games vs Washington/Philly are after December 1st.
— Both games vs Dallas are on national TV, as usual.
— Bye week is Week 9.

New Orleans
— Weeks 1-3, they play their three NFC South rivals.
— Week 4, they play the Vikings in London.
— Bye week isn’t Week 14.
— Week 8 they play Raiders, the team Dennis Allen used to coach.
— Have cold weather games in Cleveland (Week 16), Philly (Week 17)

— They’re on road three weeks in row, Weeks 14-16
— Visit Indianapolis in Week 11, Nick Sirianni’s old stomping grounds.
— Play old friend Carson Wentz/Commanders in Week 3-10.
— Bye week is in Week 7.
— Have five road games in domed stadiums. 

San Francisco
— Visit Rams October 30; their next true road game is December 15.
— Play the Cardinals in Mexico City November 21.
— Weeks 5-6, they visit Carolina/Atlanta, will probably stay east the whole time.
— Bye week is in Week 9.
— Play five primetime games, one vs each NFC West rival.

— Old friend Russell Wilson visits Seattle on Monday night in Week 1.
— Play four of their last five games at home.
— Play Buccaneers in Germany in Week 10.
— Their bye week is in Week 11.
— Travel 29,125 miles this season, most of any team.

Tampa Bay
— Open with dome games (Cowboys/Saints) in Weeks 1-2.
— Play at home in Weeks 3-5.
— Play five primetime games, three at home.
— Bye week is Week 11, after the game in Germany.
— November 27 in Cleveland could be a cold weather game.

— Both primetime games are on road, at Bears/Eagles.
— Three of their last four games are at home.
— Their bye week is in Week 14.
— Carson Wentz plays Eagles twice (weeks 3-10), visits Colts in Week 8.
— Play four road games in domed stadiums.

I’ll have thoughts on the AFC schedules tomorrow. 

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