Friday’s Den: Random thoughts with the weekend here…….

13) NBA commissioner Adam Silver is my favorite commissioner; a tall, bald man with glasses- he must be VERY smart!!! 🙂

Glad to see him back on TV at the draft Thursday; he missed the last two games of the NBA Finals with COVID.

12) Commissioner Silver sounded like he is in favor of kids going straight from high school to the NBA, which I think is a good idea. Lebron James, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant; none of them played college ball. In the long run, it would help college ball, because the kids who play college ball would stay there longer- the game might have more continuity.

11) ABC’s coverage of the draft is unwatchable; four people on the main panel, only one of them played in the NBA and he (Jalen Rose) speaks the least of the four. You need a host, two guys who played in the league, and an ex-coach. Thats it.

Having Stephen A Smith on the draft coverage is just plain stupid.

Turns out ESPN had far better coverage; Jay Bilas is their Mel Kiper-type person and they actually talk about basketball. 

10) I am baffled why people wager on any draft; teams purposely lie/mislead people on who they are interested in taking, yet people still wager on who will get drafted where.

9) John Wall opted in on his $47M deal for next season, pretty good bank for a guy who played zero minutes in two of the last three seasons.

Wall played 40 of 72 games in 2020-21; he hasn’t played more than 41 games in any season since 2017. But by all means, pay the guy $47M.  

8) In major league history, there has been only walk-off home run that was an inside-the-park grand slam; Roberto Clemente hit it for the Pirates in 1956, as a 20-year old rookie. 

7) Minnesota Twins are 4-12 in games where the game-winning run scored from the 7th inning on; despite that, Twins are 39-32 and tied for first in the AL Central. 

6) Pirates 8, Cubs 7 (10)— Cubs lost their replay challenge in the top of the first inning, after the seventh pitch of the game. Replay wasn’t conclusive enough for them to risk their challenge on that play. 

5) Archie Manning’s grandson Arch Manning (Cooper Manning’s son) committed to play college football at Texas- he still has one year of high school ball left. He is the #1 QB prospect in the 2023 class. 

4) Angels sent P Reid Detmers down to AAA; with Tyler Gilbert also in AAA, that means the last two pitchers who threw no-hitters in the major leagues are now both in the minor leagues.

3) Mariners 2, A’s 1— Oakland led 1-0 in ninth inning; Seattle scored twice in ninth inning, both on wild pitches. A’s are 9-31 in their last 40 games; they’re 1-9 in game after their last 10 wins.

2) Sean McVay is the third alumnus of Miami OH to win a Super Bowl as a head coach, joining Weeb Ewbank, John Harbaugh on the list.

1) Right now, Deshaun Watson/Baker Mayfield are going to be paid a combined $65M by the Cleveland Browns this season; there is a pretty good chance that neither one will play for Cleveland this year.


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