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13) Padres 8, Rangers 7 (10)— San Diego became the first team ever (EVER!!!) to hit a grand slam in four consecutive games. Thats over 100 years of history; I was surprised when I heard that no one had done that before. By this time, you figure everything has been done at least once.

12) Blue Jays 3-9, Phillies 2-8— Not only did Philly lose a doubleheader, they lost the nightcap after taking a 7-0 lead in the top of the 1st inning. Phillies’ bullpen is horrendous; their ERA before Thursday was 8.10. It is higher now.

11) Minnesota Timberwolves won the #1 pick in 2020 the NBA Draft; if I were them, I’d include Karl Anthony Towns in on how they make their pick, because he’s their best player, and will need to mesh well with whoever the new kid in town is.

10) Mets had games Thursday/Friday postponed after two of their people tested positive for coronavirus.

9) The start of next season’s NBA schedule sounds like it is going to be pushed back until at least Christmas; they’re going to want to have fans in the stands when next season starts, but that is unlikely until there is a vaccine. I’m guessing Christmas for Opening Day. Having a vaccine by then would be a good Christmas present for the world.

8) Arizona Diamondbacks are 13-7 vs righty pitchers, 0-6 vs lefties.

7) San Francisco Giants are 1-9 this season in games where the winning run scores from the 7th inning on.

6) Donald Trump actually suggested trading Puerto Rico for Greenland; this is a guy you’d love to have in your fantasy baseball league, except the imbecile would never pay the entry fee. There is a reason the NFL wouldn’t let him buy the Buffalo Bills.

NBA playoff games (all Game 2’s):
5) Miami 109, Indiana 100 (Heat leads 2-0)
— Heat made 18-35 shots behind the arc.
— Miami’s bench outscored Indiana’s 30-18.
— Duncan Robinson scored 24 for Miami; he played his first year of college basketball at D-III Williams, before transferring to Michigan.

4) Houston 111, Oklahoma City 98 (Rockets lead 2-0)
— Rockets outscored OKC 34-20 in 4th quarter.
— Houston was 19-56 behind the arc, 19-35 inside arc.
— Seven of eight Rockets who played scored double figures.

3) Milwaukee 111, Orlando 96 (series 1-1)
— NBA playoffs would be lot more interesting if series were shorter, and the lesser teams had an actual chance to pull the upset. An 8-seed winning four of seven isn’t realistic without injuries.
— This game was 64-43 at the half.
— Nikola Vucevic scored 32, has 67 points in first two series games.

2) Lakers 111, Portland 88
— Damian Lillard dislocated the index finger on his left hand.
— Gabriel (-21) was only Portland starter who was better than minus-28
— Anthony Davis was 13-21 from floor in Game 2, after being 8-24 in Game 1.

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they do not):
AL East- New York, Tampa Bay
AL Central- Minnesota, Cleveland
AL West- Oakland, Houston
AL Wild Cards- Toronto, Chicago

NL East- Miami, Atlanta
NL Central- Chicago, St Louis
NL West- Los Angeles, San Diego
NL Wild Cards- Colorado, Arizona 

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