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13) LA Chargers 30, Las Vegas 27 OT
— Chargers won last two games, both on last play of the game.
— Herbert threw for 314 yards, two TD’s, and scored game-winning TD.
— Chargers converted 7-12 third down plays.
— Bolts had ball nine times; scored four TD’s, tried three FG’s.

— Carr hurt his leg in first half; backup Mariota threw for 226 yards, ran for 88 more.
— Las Vegas lost four of last five games, giving up 36 ppg.
— Last four games, Las Vegas allowed 19 TD’s on 49 drives.
— Over is 11-3 in Raider games this season.

12) Kansas 58, Texas Tech 57:
— High-quality game between top 10 teams.
— Kansas was 14-15 on foul line, Tech 11-18.
— Tech led by 7 with 8:57 left. 

11) Saint Louis 80, NC State 69:
— Billikens are probably best team in A-14.
— State led by 10 just before halftime.
— Billikens won despite turning ball over 21 times (-13). 

10) Seton Hall 70, Marquette 63:
— Pirates have played schedule #38; they’re 2-0 in Big East.
— Marquette lost three of five top 100 games. 

9) Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 5-year, $228M contract extension works out to $556,585 a game, whether he plays or not. 

8) New Jersey Giants’ offensive coordinator Jason Garrett tested positive for COVID, so he won’t be at the Sunday night game with Cleveland. Calling plays in his place will be Freddie Kitchens, the tight end coach, who was Cleveland’s head coach last year. 

7) One of America’s best actors turns 84 next week; Hector Elizondo has 155 acting credits on He’s been all over the place, with roles in these movies:

— Beaches, American Gigolo, Runaway Bride
— Pretty Woman, New Year’s Eve, Necessary Roughness, Frankie & Johnny

He also guested on his share of TV shows, before he made it in the movies:

— West Wing, Without a Trace, Columbo, Kojak
— Hill Street Blues, The Equalizer, Matlock, Rockford Files

Happy birthday!!! 

6) Teams are 2-9 ATS this season, the week after playing the Chiefs. 

5) When Kansas State won at Iowa State Tuesday, they started three freshmen; it was the first time they had ever done that in conference play.

4) College basketball teams playing some of the fastest tempos:
— Eastern Kentucky, Citadel, Arizona State, Memphis, Gonzaga

3) College basketball teams with the most experience:
— Eastern Illinois, Cal-Bakersfield, Detroit, Georgia Tech, Missouri

2) College basketball teams who take highest %age of their shots as 3’s:
— Wofford, Monmouth, UNLV, Oral Roberts, St Joe’s, Northern Iowa

1) It snowed so much here Thursday, I couldn’t open the front door to my house, and I barely got out the back door. Over two feet of snow, and winter doesn’t start until Monday. Awesome. 

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