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13) Memphis 104, Minnesota 95:
— Timberwolves led this game 47-21 in second quarter.
— Memphis went on 19-2 run in 4th quarter without Wolves calling a timeout.
— Minnesota five subs were a combined minus-41.
— Grizzlies lead this series, 2-1. 

12) Dallas 126, Utah 118:
— Mavericks led 68-51 at halftime.
— Dallas snaps an 0-11 skid in Salt Lake City.
— Jalen Brunson scored 31 points for Dallas.
— Mavericks lead series, 2-1

11) Golden State 118, Denver 113:
— Curry scored 27 points in 31:00 off bench.
— Poole/Thompson shot a combined 19-31.
— Jokic had 37 points, 18 rebounds, 5 assists for Denver.
— Golden State leads series, 3-0

10) Listened to Stan Van Gundy broadcasting on TNT Tuesday night; it is like taking a master class in basketball coaching, every time he is on TV. No BS, he just talks ball all the time and you learn stuff. He isn’t afraid to criticize and that’s what makes an excellent analyst.

9) It is weird watching a basketball game where neither team wears white or gold uniforms; in Game 2 of their series with the Nets, Celtics wore green uniforms, Brooklyn wore black. Why?

I’m superstitious, by the way; Celtics wore black uniforms in Game 1. If it was my decision and we won in Game 1 wearing black uniforms, we’d sure as hell wear black in Game 2, also. 

8) This is a random fact, where A is true, B is true. Unclear if C is because of A and B

A— Last 13 times Chris Paul played a game, with…….
B— Scott Foster as one of the officials
C— Chris Paul’s team lost.

There are three refs in NBA games, so doubtful that one guy would have that much influence, but Chris Paul’s team was favored in eight of those 13 games. 

7) Speaking of Chris Paul, his teammate Devin Booker is out 2-3 weeks with a hamstring injury and Milwaukee’s Khris Middleton will miss the rest of the Chicago series with an injury. 

6) NFL releases its 2022 schedule on May 12, so the next few days after that, this space will be filled with NFL knowledge.

5) Northern Iowa star AJ Green is in the transfer portal, with about 1,400 other kids; sounds like he will head to Iowa State, where his father is an assistant coach. 

4) Last year’s baseball season was first time in 15 years that the strikeout rate decreased from the previous season.

3) Green Bay Packers have 11 picks in next week’s NFL Draft; I’m guessing a couple of those will be receivers, to give Aaron Rodgers some new targets. 

2) Back in December, basketball great Bill Russell had an auction house put up 429 items of his memorabilia up for bid, with a percentage of the proceeds benefitting two charities in the Boston area. The items wound up selling for a combined $7.4M; Russell has/had a lot of unique stuff.

— Russell’s first NBA championship ring sold for $705,000.
— His 1956 Olympic gold medal went for $587,500.

This Friday, a second auction, this time an online auction will take place, including a game-worn Celtics jersey and warm-up jacket from the 1960s. There will also be some items up for bid from Red Auerbach’s personal collection.

Interesting to see that the memorabilia business is still alive and well. 

1) A’s 6, Orioles 4— Baseball season is two weeks old; somehow, Oakland is 8-6, despite having a roster that resembles the Cleveland Indians in the movie Major League.

Flash back to 1978; I was 18 years old and the A’s had a worse roster than they do now, but as late as August 7, Oakland was 60-54 and only five games out of first place, back when there were only four divisions and it was harder to make the playoffs than it is now. 

Then the roof fell in, I mean things got ugly. A’s went 9-39 the rest of the way, paving the way for that fabulous 54-108 season in 1979. Baseball is hard enough when you’re trying to win, when you tank and field a poor team, the grind of 162 games in 182 days will get to you eventually.

Not to be a pessimist, but this isn’t a movie, where the good guys most always win; that said, I’d be the happiest guy in America to be wrong about that. 

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