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13) Dodgers reliever Mitch White entered Wednesday’s game, and he finished it, throwing 91 pitches in 7.1 IP, allowing only four baserunners. It was the longest relief stint by a Dodger since 1960. 

His reward? They sent him to AAA Thursday, because they’ve been playing so many bullpen games that they can’t afford to have him sitting around after he threw 91 pitches. 

12) Kershaw is hurt, Bauer is suspended (with pay), May is out for the year, Urias is hurt; this is who the Dodgers started on the mound this week:
Monday— Justin Bruihl
Tuesday— David Price
Wednesday— Justin Bruihl (again)
Thursday— Corey Knebel

11) Reds 6, Marlins 1— Joey Votto cracked a 3-run homer to back Luis Castillo’s pitching.

Some people on social media have been debating whether Votto is a Hall of Famer:
— .417 career on-base %age, which is freakin’ great.
— He’s the league in on-base %age seven times.
— 322 home runs, 1,045 RBI
— 1,265 walks- he led the league in walks five times.
— He’s scored 100+ runs five times.
— He’s been on six All-Star teams.

Definite Hall of Famer, in my opinion.

10) There are three ballplayers who are eligible for the Hall of Fame who have 3,000+ hits but haven’t been voted into the HOF:
4,256 hits— Pete Rose
3,115— Alex Rodriguez
3,020— Rafael Palmeiro

9) Angels 13, Tigers 10:
— Detroit led this game 10-2 after five innings.
— Tiger bullpen allowed 11 runs in 4.1 IP
— First four hitters in Angels’ lineup went 10-19.

8) Houston Astros are 25-25 at home this season vs teams with a losing record; if you wagered on them equally in all those games, you’d be down 21.9 units. No bueno.

7) Rays 7, Orioles 2— Baltimore has lost 15 games in a row, none of them by one run. It is their second losing streak of 14+ games this season.

Last team to have two losing streaks of 14+ games in one season? 1935 Boston Braves; one of their players was Babe Ruth, in his final season.

6) Mets are retiring Jerry Koosman’s #36 on August 28; when they going to retire Dwight Gooden’s #16?
— Koosman went 140-137 as a Met, helping them win the ’69 World Series, ’73 NL title
— Gooden went 157-85 as a Met, helping them win the ’86 World Series, ’88 NL East title.

5) Patriots 35, Eagles 0:
— Eagles QB Jalen Hurts (stomach illness) didn’t play.
— Total yardage was 486-163
— No idea what this means for the Eagles, but it sure as hell ain’t good.

4) Weird thing about these exhibition games is that often times, the teams practiced against each other for couple of days before the actual game, so there is familiarity between the players when the game happens. Have to think that helps the defenses.

3) BetMGM posted odds on New England’s 2021 season:
— +115 to make playoffs
— 7-2 to win AFC East
— 16-1 to win AFC
— 30-1 to win Super Bowl

2) Someone actually posted odds on teams to win the upcoming Little League World Series; I can’t even imagine wagering on 12-year old kids playing ball.

1) Minor league baseball game in Hartford CT Wednesday drew more fans than major league games in Tampa Bay or Miami. 

Tampa Bay has a really good team, and smart people running that team; when they wind up in Montreal, Nashville or some other city, don’t want to hear any whining from Florida.

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