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13) Reds 6, Braves 3:
— ESPN had Reds’ 1B Joey Votto miked, was interviewing him while he played the field in the 4th inning Thursday night. To me, this is an unnecessary intrusion on the game; let the guy play, it is a regular season game. Interview him in the dugout while the Reds are batting.
— Brandon Drury hit a 3-run homer in 6th inning to break game open.

Diamondbacks 4, Padres 2:
— Arizona rookie Seth Beer hit a walk-off, 3-run tater as the Diamondbacks scored four times in the bottom of the ninth to stun San Diego in this game.
— Thursday was National Beer Day. Seriously.
— Padres starter Yu Darvish left after throwing six no-hit innings (94 pitches)

12) Cubs 5, Brewers 4:
— Cubs’ SS Nico Hoerner hit the major league’s first home run this season.
— Last 11 years, Milwaukee has started 11 different players at 1B in their opener.

11) Cardinals 9, Pirates 0:
— Adam Wainwright has now thrown 32 consecutive scoreless innings vs Pittsburgh.
— Paul Goldschmidt was 1-1 with four walks in this game.

10) They were talking on a San Diego Padres’ exhibition game the other night, about a guy named John Roskos, who made the 2000 Padres after he had an awesome spring training.

Roskos had played briefly for the Marlins the previous two years; he started his first two games for San Diego in 2000, but it didn’t go well, and he got sent down to the minors after going 1-27, never to return to the major leagues.

It is so difficult to get to the major leagues, but it is tough to stay there too. A guy goes 4-49 in 37 games over three seasons, and 22 years later, they’re still talking about him.

9) Padres and Minnesota Twins made a trade:
— Minnesota gets P’s Chris Paddack and Emilio Pagan
— San Diego gets P Taylor Rogers and OF Brent Rooker.

8) College basketball lost one of its better TV analysts Thursday; Steve Lavin signed on to coach the San Diego Toreros in the WCC. Lavin used to coach UCLA/St John’s; San Diego is a much harder job than UCLA/St John’s.

7) Why didn’t the Minnesota Twins put a retractable dome over their stadium? Milwaukee did it and they generally average 8,000 or so more fans a game than the Twins do.

6) Last year was first time ever that pitchers started more games with five days’ rest than four days’ rest. Some teams are going with six-man rotations to start this season.

5) Hopefully the Los Angeles Angels are a contender this year, so their TV guys don’t spend all their time raving about Shohei Ohtani- it is all they ever do now. They’ve got Mike Trout on the team but they are obsessed with Ohtani. Maybe if the team is actually good, they can talk about some of the other 25 guys on the team.

Ohtani apparently spent a good part of his offseason doing commercials/making more $$$; he was on a ton of commercials during ballgames Thursday.

4) At BetMGM, 22.3% of bets to win the NBA title were on the Lakers, most of any team, so they’re pretty darn happy LA has been eliminated from the playoff hunt.

3) Baseball’s All-Star Game is in Dodger Stadium this summer, for first time since 1980.

2) Buffalo Bills signed WR Stefan Diggs to a 4-year, $104M contract; Bills are getting their new stadium, now they’re trying to build a championship team to play in the new stadium.

1) ESPN just signed NFL information guy Adam Schefter to a new contract, for $9M a year; at first I thought it was a misprint, but it is for real. Schefter makes freakin’ $9M a year. What a country.

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