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13) White Sox 9, New York 8:
— From all accounts, the Field of Dreams Game was a big success.
— Tim Anderson hit a walk-off HR to right; ball carried really well that way.
— New York scored four runs in top of 9th to take an 8-7 lead.
— There is a tremendous amount of corn behind this ballfield.
— They had Kevin Costner in TV booth for couple innings, which was interesting.
— Must have been one hell of a traffic jam after the game. 

12) The great actor/comedian Robin Williams passed away 7 years ago this week; he was so funny, it was horrendous when he died at age 63, way too young.

In 1998, he made a movie Patch Adams, a true story about a doctor who used humor to help treat his young patients. This week, I read a couple Twitter posts by people who are doctors now who said they became doctors because Patch Adams inspired them.

Apparently, the sick kids in the movie weren’t actors, they were real-life sick kids in hospitals, which helped make the movie more authentic— Robin Williams insisted on that.

11) Mets 4-5, Nationals 1-4— New York gets couple of badly-needed wins; the Nationals aren’t big league quality right now.

In their last 55 games, the Mets have gotten five wins from starting pitchers. Five.

10) Sean Nolin started Game 1 for Washington Thursday; it was his first big league game since 2015, when he started six games for the A’s. Since then, he’s had multiple medical issues- he missed all of 2016-17, plus since then he’s pitched in the Japanese League, the Mexican Winter League, in independent leagues, on his way back to the majors.

He had to be pretty freakin’ excited to be back in the majors Thursday.

9) When a pitcher makes an error, it shouldn’t help his ERA; runs caused by a pitcher’s error should still be earned runs— why should they benefit from their own mistakes?

8) New England 21 Washington 13— Washington (+2) is your first bad beat of NFL’s season; Washington scored with 1:24 left to make the game 15-13, they appeared to tie game on the 2-point conversion, but replay overturned the call, so the game ended 15-13, right?

Wrong. Guy on New England runs 91 yards for TD with 1:04 left to cover the spread.

7) Steelers 24, Eagles 16:
— QB Dwayne Haskins threw for 161 yards and a TD; he is competing to be the backup to Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh.

6) Odds to win the CFL’s Grey Cup this season:
Hamilton Tiger-Cats +300
Winnipeg Blue Bombers +400
Saskatchewan Roughriders +500
Calgary Stampeders +600
Toronto Argonauts +650
Edmonton Elks +900

5) Surprising fact: El Paso, TX has more people than Detroit, Louisville or Milwaukee.

4) Kawhi Leonard signed on with the Clippers again; four years, $176M or so, $44M a year, and he’ll miss most of next year while he rehabs from a torn ACL.

3) Few weeks ago, I traded for minor league C Keibert Ruiz in my fantasy league; my team really, really needs a catcher going forward, and I’ve done a terrible job of finding one this year, going through seven different guys.

Ruiz is a highly-touted prospect; he was hitting .311 for the Dodgers’ AAA team when he got dealt to Washington in the trade that sent Max Scherzer to LA. Since the trade, he is 3-26 for his new AAA team in Rochester.


2) Rand Paul is a senator from Kentucky who is such a wonderful person that his neighbor once broke five of his ribs in a dispute about raking leaves, of all things. You listen to Paul talk and you yearn for the sound of fingernails going down a blackboard. 

From the Washington Post: “his (Paul’s) wife bought stock in Gilead Sciences — which makes the antiviral drug used to treat covid-19 — on Feb, 26, 2020, before the threat from the coronavirus was fully understood by the public….”

This was supposed to be disclosed a long time ago. Are all politicians dishonest scoundrels? Is anyone not on the take? Good grief.

1) BYU has a booster who has a NIL deal with all 36 of BYU’s walk-on football players, which in effect raises their scholarship limit from 85 to 121. All 36 walk-ons will now go to BYU for free.

Utah has no laws against that; about half the states (South Carolina, for one) have rules where that wouldn’t be legal. This NIL stuff is going to have unintended consequences, for sure.

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