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13) In December alone, State of New Jersey banked $7.6M in tax revenue from sports betting; for all of 2020, they collected $50M in tax revenue. But what happens when New York State gives the OK for mobile sports betting? How much will New Jersey’s share of the pie shrink?

New York has dragged its feet on mobile sports betting, but the COVID pandemic has created a money crunch, so this is probably the year New York gets mobile sports betting, and gamblers in the Big Apple can stop trudging across the George Washington to place their bets. Finally.

12) Masahiro Tanaka packed up and went back to Japan, after pitching in the Bronx for the last seven years. Tanaka was 78-46, 3.49 in 173 regular season starts, 5-4, 3.33 in 10 playoff games.

11) Baseball stuff:
— Cardinals gave veteran P Adam Wainwright $8M for one year.
— Nationals signed C Alex Avila
— Detroit signed C Wilson Ramos

10) Long time ago, back when I actually had a job, couple friends of mine were looking at Super Bowl prop bets, and there was an over/under on the length of the national anthem— the singer that year was Harry Connick Jr.

We worked with another guy who was a musician; he still played out in clubs on weekends, and apparently had been a fairly big-time musician before he worked with us. He knew his music, so those guys go up to Frank and say, “National anthem, Harry Connick Jr; over or under 2 minutes, 6 seconds?” (I may have the exact time wrong; this was 25-30 years ago)

Frank thinks about it for like 10 seconds and says, “Definitely over”

Those guys bet the over and won; never knew if they tipped Frank for winning them the money. 

9) Hottest team in the NBA? Utah Jazz won/covered their last ten games.

8) Brooklyn Nets are 5-2 with James Harden in their lineup; Houston Rockets are 5-3 since they traded Harden.

7) NBA teams playing 2nd night in row:
— Road teams who played at home night before: 7-7-1 ATS
— Road teams who played on road night before: 15-13 ATS
— Home teams who played at home night before: 18-10 ATS
— Home teams who played on road night before: 9-8 ATS

6) NC State’s leading scorer Devon Daniels tore his ACL, is out for the year.

5) Rutgers 67, Michigan State 37— This is the same thing that happened to Louisville when they had their long layoff. There is really no way of knowing how much these teams are practicing while they wait to be cleared to play— maybe they’re not practicing at all.

Heard one story on TV where all the players on one team got exercise bikes in their hotel rooms where they are sequestered, and that is the extent of their exercise- they weren’t even allowed to go outside and do any running.

If you’re wagering on basketball this winter, I’d stay away from teams coming off a layoff; let them get their legs with a couple games. 

4) Arizona State 72, Cal 68— Sun Devils snap a 6-game losing streak; the players looked like the weight of the world was off their shoulders when this game ended. They weren’t happy, just very relieved. Cal outrebounded them 43-29, but ASU shot 59.5% inside the arc. 

3) UAB 70, Middle Tennessee 59:
— Blazers (-9) were down 51-41 with 9:54 left; they didn’t just win, they covered. 

2) Green Bay Packers fired their special teams coach this week, and replaced him with the guy who was the assistant special teams coach this past season. Not sure how much of an upgrade that will be, seems like change for the sake of change. 

1) There were seven NFL head coaching openings this offseason; Chiefs assistant coach Eric Bieniemy interviewed for six of them, but didn’t get hired as a head coach.

Coaching Patrick Mahomes for the next several years will be a good consolation prize; winning is always fun.

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