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13) Suns 118, Bucks 108:
— Phoenix made 20 of 40 three-point shots.
— Suns grab 2-0 series lead.
— Antetokounmpo scored 42 points; Bucks were minus-11 in 8:00 he sat out. 

12) I’m guessing that lot of people will jump on the bandwagon for betting over the total at the All-Star Game next week, but keep in mind that first pitch will be roughly 6:00 in Denver, so there will be shadows on the field for the first 60-90 minutes of the game, which could make hitting/scoring more difficult. Assuming it is sunny in Denver Tuesday.

11) 9th no-hitter of the season happened the other night, but it was a double asterisk; 7-inning game, with five Tampa Bay pitchers combining to get the 21 Cleveland outs. 

There have been seven 9-inning no-hitters this year, one of them combined, plus Madison Bumgarner’s 7-inning no-hitter and now this one by Tampa Bay.

10) Detroit Tigers started the season 9-24, but they’re 31-24 since, which is 55 games, 1/3 of a season. AJ Hinch is a very good manager.

9) Arizona 4, Colorado 3— This win Tuesday ended Arizona’s 45-game losing streak in games where they scored 4 or fewer runs.

Rockies won 9-3 in Arizona Thursday; they’re 31-17 at home, 7-33 on the road.

8) Kid worked out for the Indiana Pacers this week, in advance of the NBA Draft; he didn’t get a D-I scholarship, didn’t even get a D-II scholarship, but he went to an NAIA school and scored 3,453 points. Lot of points, even if you’re playing in the California Penal League.

In 137 games at NAIA Indiana Wesleyan, Mangas shot 39.3% on the arc, scoring 25.2 ppg. His team went 30-3 last year; will be interesting to see if he gets an invite to training camp.

7) Wednesday was Brett Anderson’s 211th major league game over 13 years, but it was the first time he pitched against the Mets. He’s pitched for four different National League teams, too.

6) Domino’s pizza place closest to my house now has a $6 delivery fee tacked onto the bill. Ummmm, no thanks on that.

5) Had the Angels’ game on TV the other night; left the room for a minute and when I came back, play-by-play guy Matt Vasgersian was talking about Yakov Smirnoff, the old Russian comedian. No idea why his name would come up during a baseball game, but for a couple of minutes, it did. What a country!!

4) December 11th in Atlanta, pretty good 4-game card of college basketball:
— Auburn-Nebraska
— LSU-Georgia Tech
— Ole Miss-Western Kentucky
— Clemson-Drake

3) Bruce Springsteen’s daughter Jessica made the American equestrian jumping team for the Olympics in Tokyo later this month. 

2) Miami Marlins picked up manager Don Mattingly’s option for 2022; Marlins are 38-48 this year, 345-447 in six years under Mattingly, but the team is no good because they’ve got owners who are cheapskates. Mattingly seems like a pretty good manager.

Few years ago, Marlins had Stanton-Ozuna-Yelich-Realmuto as a nucleus, but traded them all away. Players they got in return haven’t done much, except for Sandy Alcantara.

1) Bryce Harper’s first 14 home runs this season came with the bases empty; his first homer with someone on base came on July 6th.

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