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If you watched the Odd Couple TV show back in the day, this should ring a bell: today is November 13, the day Felix Unger was asked to leave his place of residence.

One of my all-time favorite TV shows, it revolved around two divorced guys who shared a New York City apartment. Tony Randall/Jack Klugman made it a memorable show.

13) Colts 34, Tennessee 17:
— Colts outscored Tennessee 21-0 in the second half- they blocked a punt for a TD.
— Indy won three of its five road games this year.
— Colts are 5-0 when they score 28+ points, 1-3 if they score 23 or fewer points.  
— Both teams are 6-3; they play again in two weeks.

— Titans are 2-3 in their last five games, after a 4-0 start.
— Over is 4-1-1 in Titans’ home games this season.
— Titans are 5-7-1 ATS in last 13 games as a home favorite.
— In last three visits to Nashville, Colts won 33-17/19-17/34-17. 

12) Trevor Daniel was the Titans’ punter in this game, Tennessee’s third punter in three weeks. When Daniel came in to Titans’ facility to take his COVID test, he was wearing the uniform he wore while driving a FedEx truck, which was his job before the Titans signed him.

Daniel had a 17-yard punt in this game, then his next punt was blocked for a TD. He’ll probably be needing that FedEx uniform pretty soon, though the blocked punt wasn’t his fault. Maybe the special teams coach will be working at FedEx.

11) Thru nine weeks, here is how penalties compare, from year-to-year:
offensive holding: 2019- 565, this year- 280
offensive pass interference: 2019- 81, this year- 42

This is a positive development; no one pays to watch officials throw flags. The league always say they want more scoring, this is a good way to get more scoring.

11) AFC North teams are 7-0-1 SU against NFC East teams this year; Eagles-Bengals tie back in Week 2 is the only blemish on that record so far.

10) Through two weeks of MAC-tion, road teams are 7-4-1 ATS.

9) Indiana is favored over Michigan State this week, first time since 2002 that the Hoosiers are favored over Michigan State in football.

8) Boise State 52, Colorado State 21:
— Boise blocked a punt for a TD for their first score of the game.
— Boise also blocked a FG for a TD, blocked another punt for another TD, and scored a TD on defense. Colorado State’s defense didn’t play that badly.

7)  When CBS unveils the field of 68 for the NCAA basketball tournament in March, they should recruit CNN’s John King to show the brackets on his touchscreen. Election Night had to be a long night for the TV pundits, but King and MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki did their best to keep us informed as to what was going on, from a numerical standpoint.

No way is it as easy to do as they make it look.

6) Brett Favre holds an NFL record, starting 321 consecutive games; Colts’ Philip Rivers is #2 on that list, starting his 244th consecutive game at QB last night.

5) Ivy League has cancelled winter sports for this year, so no Friday night basketball games on TV from that league, and one more at-large spot in the NCAA tournament.

4) ESPN2 had a high school basketball tripleheader on last night; first game was from Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, the famous prep school that has seen 35 of its players drafted by the NBA. They have those players’ college jerseys hanging on the wall in the Oak Hill gym.

Lebron James’ son played in the late game, not even sure if he was playing for his high school team or an AAU team, but it was high level basketball. The recruiting competition for his services should be pretty interesting.

3) This from ESPN’s Chris Fallica:

This is the first November week of college football since Week 12 of 2009 (Saturday, November 21, 2009) in which there is not a single matchup of AP ranked teams. That week, four ranked teams lost to unranked teams (three on the road).

2) Christmas commercials have started on TV; in one, a woman gives her husband this watch, looks like a FitBit, something small like that- she buys herself one too. He gives her a $40,000 pickup truck, and also buys himself one. Seems fair.

1) Daytime TV is horrendous, lot of contrived arguments to try and create interesting TV; this week, they were discussing whether Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence should go back to college next year, to avoid playing for the New Jersey Jets, who are currently 0-9. Oy.

First of all, the Jets have four first round picks in the next two drafts, nine picks in the first three rounds of those drafts- they’ll be improving fairly soon. If they drafted Lawrence and traded Sam Darnold, they’d acquire even more draft capital. Jets are going to improve a lot over the next couple of years.

Playing well in the New York/New Jersey area can be very lucrative. Jets used to have a QB who had a 60-61-4 record starting for them, throwing 170 TD’s, 215 INT’s. Those numbers don’t jump off the page, do they, but that guy is 77 years old now and he still does TV commercials.

You’ve probably heard of Joe Namath, who had two really good years before injuries took their toll on him. He won one Super Bowl title in New York and was set for life, which is why it would be a big mistake for Trevor Lawrence to pass up playing for the Jets. 

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