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13) Dallas 27, New Orleans 17:
— Pollard had a 58-yard TD run late in third quarter.
— Watkins salted game away on a pick-6 with 2:52 left.
— Dallas won despite converting only 2-13 on third down.
— Cowboys have outscored foes 69-9 in last 2:00 of each half.
— Five of last six Dallas games stayed under the total.

— Saints lost last five games, giving up 29.6 ppg.
— Hill threw three INTs in 11-pass span in 4th quarter.
— New Orleans has 39 plays of 20+ yards, their opponents have 55.
— Last four weeks, New Orleans was outscored 73-20 in first half.

12) This week, a published report accused major league baseball of secretly using two different baseballs during the 2021 season.

In a statement, MLB acknowledged that it had used two different baseballs, blamed differences on production difficulties caused by the pandemic.

Between gambling and fantasy baseball, there is a boatload of money involved in major league games, aside from the actual business of MLB; that kind of information would be helpful in handicapping/fantasy, no?
11) Now that baseball is in a lockout, what does MLB Network show every day? Winter meetings were always lot of fun and educational, but there won’t be any this year. Too bad, unless they get their butts back to negotiating.

10) Saint Mary’s 60, Utah State 58:
— Gaels were down 7 with 10:13 left.
— Utah State outscored Gaels 15-5 on foul line.
— Gaels shot 57% inside arc; this is a quality road win.

9) Liberty 66, Missouri 45— No offense to Liberty, but SEC teams aren’t supposed to lose to Atlantic Sun teams by 20 points- this game was 35-14 at halftime. Liberty is 4-3; this is their first win over a team in the top 300.

8) Memphis 152, Oklahoma City 79— This is the biggest margin of victory in NBA history, a record that had stood since 1991. Nine of 12 Memphis players scored in double figures but Ja Morant, their best player, didn’t even play.

7) Last time a Big 14 team won the national title in college basketball?

Try 2000, when Michigan State won out in Indianapolis. 22 years is a long time for a league not to win a national title.

6) ESPN was supposed to air the Laker-Clipper game Friday night, but they dumped it in favor of the Phoenix-Golden State game, the two best basketball teams on earth.

5) Other night, I stumbled across highlights of Kurt Warner playing in an Arena Bowl, for the Iowa Barnstormers against Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay’s QB that night; former Washington coach Jay Gruden.

4) More college football coaching stuff:
— Colorado State fired Steve Addazio after only two years.
— Bronco Mendenhall resigned at Virginia, after 11 years.

3) Tampa Bay WR Antonio Brown gets suspended for three games for lying about his COVID vaccine status, and getting a fake vaccination card- the suspension will cost him $547,059.

Would’ve been a lot easier/cheaper to just get the shot, no?

2) Temple’s best basketball player, Khalif Battle, hurt his foot, is out for the year; terrible news for the 4-3 Owls, who won their last three games.

1) I want to puke when a baseball player signs for huge money and then says “It isn’t about the money, I just want to win.”

Max Scherzer said that; he just signed for $43M a year with the freakin’ Mets., not exactly the gold standard of major league franchises. Scherzer left the Dodgers, who make the playoffs every year, but they weren’t offering $43M a year.

Go figure. 

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