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13) Bengals 24, Jaguars 21:
— Bengals in first half: 21 plays, 95 yards, 4 first downs, 0 points
— Bengals in second half: 36 plays, 303 yards, 17 first downs, 24 points
— Uzomah caught five passes for 95 yards, two TD’s.

— Jaguars have now lost 19 games in a row.
— Up 14-0 late in 1st half, Jaguars were stopped on downs on Cincy’s 1-yard line.
— Shenault caught six passes for 99 yards; Jags were 6-12 on 3rd down. 

12) Can’t be a fun time to be a Colorado Rockies fan; they traded star 3B Nolan Arenado last winter- now he is leading the Cardinals to the playoffs. Trevor Story is going to be a free agent this winter, making the Rockies’ climb to respectability even steeper.

There was a cool moment before Wednesday’s game in Denver; a kid down the right field line held up a sign that said “We’ll miss you Story 27”

Little while later, Story came out of the Colorado dugout and made his way down the right field line, where he gave the kid an autographed bat. Nice.

11) Over their last 75 games, starting pitchers for the Mets are 9-31, including their win over Miami Thursday. Not good. 

Mets have played 14 doubleheaders this season, most of any team since 1979.

10) Las Vegas Raiders are off to a 3-0 start, with two overtime wins; they’re +1 in turnovers, which doesn’t sound like much, until you realize that over the last four years, Raiders were minus-34 in turnovers. Big improvement.

9) Genius alert: Devin Williams is Milwaukee Brewers’ 2nd-best reliever; he was Rookie of the Year last year, but he’ll miss the playoffs this month after he broke his hand punching a wall.

“After our celebration, I went out to have a few drinks. On my way home, I was a little frustrated and upset, and I punched a wall. That’s how it happened.”

This guy broke his pitching hand punching a wall after a CELEBRATION??? Oy.

Didn’t any of these people (I’m including Huascar Ynoa, Jesus Luzardo) watch Bull Durham, when Crash Davis tells Nuke LaLoosh that you NEVER punch with your pitching hand???

8) Orioles 6, Red Sox 2— Boston/Seattle are tied for the second Wild Card slot; Red Sox play in Washington this weekend, Mariners host the Angels.

7) Angels have a pitcher Packy Naughton who went to Boston Latin HS, same school that gave us Benjamin Franklin many moons ago. It turns out that four other guys who signed the Declaration of Independence also went to Boston Latin.

6) I’m watching the 1999 football movie Any Given Sunday the other night; first time I’ve seen it in a long time— don’t think I saw it at all during the pandemic.

As much as I admire Al Pacino as an actor, I’m thinking to myself “Thank the Lord no one like Tony D’Amato ever coached the Rams” then I remembered that Jeff Fisher coached the Rams. Could be some similarities there. Whoops.

5) Thru three weeks, NFL TV ratings are up 9% over last year, which is good, considering no one went to the actual games last year, so there were more people home to watch than this year.

4) Umpire Gerry Davis will work his 5,000th major league game Sunday in St Louis, his hometown; veteran ump Joe West was put on that crew for this weekend too. There are rumors that longtime umps Davis, West and Brian Gorman might all be retiring after this season.

3) AL Wild Card game is Tuesday night, NL Wild Card game is Wednesday. Both at 8:00 ET.

2) Legalized sports betting started in Connecticut Thursday; think they’re the 27th state that has legalized sports betting.

1) Sunday is the last day of baseball’s regular season; every game begins at 3:00 ET. Will there be play-in games on Monday? Could be.

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