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13) NFL has a strange rule about what coaches/players wear on the sidelines during games.

Under league rules, coaches aren’t allowed to wear a hat from a previous year; they have to wear stuff that was designed this year, so suckers (like me) watching on TV will go on the Interweb and buy the new stuff. (disclaimer: I don’t buy nearly as much stuff as I used to)

I’m superstitious; when the Rams play Buffalo in couple weeks, I’ll be wearing the same shirt I wore during the Super Bowl, but NFL coaches can’t, and 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan isn’t happy about it. NFL makes a boatload of $$$ for sure, and stuff like this is part of the reason why. 

12) There are no NFL games next weekend, which is a smart move; college games will get the full stage, as NFL teams finalize their rosters and get ready for their openers the following week.

11) 76-year old Arte Moreno, who has owned the Los Angeles Angels for 20 years, said this week that he has begun to explore the process of selling the team. Angels haven’t made the playoffs since 2014; they’re a big market team with a nice stadium that draws well— someone is going to step up and pay a boatload of $$$ to buy it.

Moreno spent a lot of money on the Angels, but their farm system wasn’t productive, and their pitching is dismal. Will be interesting to see who buys the team.

Washington Nationals are also on the block, and they won the World Series three years ago, but they’ve been unable to re-sign the star players they’ve had.

Makes you wonder though; if two teams are up for sale, is owning a big league ballclub as good a deal as it used to be? 

10) Houston Astros are 50-3 this season when they score 5+ runs, 31-42 when they don’t.

9) San Diego Padres are 8-12 since they traded for Juan Soto/Josh Bell. Very disappointing.

8) If you bet on the Mets Thursday, they were -417 against Colorado, meaning to win $100 on the Mets, you had to risk $417. They were the biggest baseball favorite in the last three years.

I would never, ever lay -417 in baseball; actually, would probably never lay anything over -175. Better to play totals or first five innings, or lay 1.5 runs. 

7) Horse racing channel TVG (602 on DirecTV) will now be known as FanDuel TV; sounds like the station will remain basically the same, other than the name change. They will also have a football-related program,  a new daily show with Kay Adams, who used to be on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football.

6) LA Rams hired former Washington head coach Jay Gruden as a consultant; Sean McVay used to work under Gruden, with Washington and in the UFL with the Florida Tuskers. 

5) Minnesota Vikings cut punter Jordan Berry; they’ll have their sixth different punter the last seven seasons, which also means their kicker will have another new guy holding for kicks. 

4) Dallas Cowboys’ LT Tyron Smith suffered an avulsion fracture of his knee, a serious injury that involves the hamstring tendon tearing off the bone. Cowboys hope he can return to play in December, but that is not a sure thing.

3) If you have Amazon Prime, here’s a TV recommendation: Bosch, starring Titus Welliver as a Los Angeles homicide detective. Good show; is it fairly violent, but there is some low-key humor in there too and very good acting.

2) Phillies star Bryce Harper will be activated for Friday’s game with Pittsburgh; he’s been out for two months since breaking his thumb when he got hit by a pitch. Harper figures to be the DH going forward, seeing how he also has a torn ligament in his elbow.  

1) Orioles 4, White Sox 3 (11)— Rookie Kyle Stowers hit his first MLB home run with two out in the ninth inning, tying the game in dramatic fashion. It was Stowers’ 7th MLB game.

Orioles are now 65-59, 2.5 games behind Seattle for the third/last Wild Card slot. 

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