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13) Cleveland pitcher Aaron Civale is on my fantasy baseball team; turned the Indians’ game on last night to watch him pitch against New York, thought he got squeezed by the home plate umpire in the first inning. Strike zone seemed to widen some when Cleveland batted.

I can be paranoid now and then, so checked at the boxscore to see who the home plate umpire was; as long as I didn’t see one name, it would be no big deal. But then I saw it……..

Sure enough, Will Bleepin’ Little was umpiring home plate; Cleveland wasn’t going to win. 

12) Since the start of the 2015 season, Bronx Bombers are 12-1 when Little calls balls/strikes in their games; in the one loss, the last out was a fly ball to the fence that would’ve won the game.

Back in 2017, I was sitting at a bar having lunch, watching the A’s play in the Bronx; they lost 3-2, the only game A’s 2B Jed Lowrie has ever been thrown out of, that’s how bad Little was.

Sure enough, Indians lost 6-3 last night, though Civale did OK. Little shouldn’t be allowed to ump behind the plate when the Bronx Bombers are playing.

11) The new thing in baseball is having players who can play several positions; it helps if guys get hurt  and makes teams more flexible, but I’m thinking it also hurts a team’s defense— if a guy is playing several positions, he has to practice lot of different throws, hard to excel at any one of the positions.

Watching lot of games every night, between the shifts putting fielders in unusual places, and guys playing several positions, think infield defense has suffered some so far this season.

10) St Louis Cardinals scored 44 runs in Jack Flaherty’s first four starts, winning all four.

Cardinals scored 7 runs in Carlos Martinez’s first four starts, losing all four.

9) Giants 3, Marlins 0— This is a genuinely weird stat; Giants’ backup C Curt Casali started this game, and for his 5th straight start, the Giants threw a shutout.

8) Arizona 14, Cincinnati 11 (10):
— Game was 2-1 Arizona after the 5th inning.
— David Peralta was 5-6 with seven RBI for Arizona.
— Cincinnati hit six home runs and still lost.

7) Padres 3, Dodgers 2— San Diego 2B Jake Cronenworth made two great defensive plays to help save this game, starting an 8th inning double play after fielding a vicious smash hit by Sheldon Neuse. He doesn’t field the ball, and the Dodgers tie the game, at least.

6) Blake Snell has started four games for San Diego, but pitched a total of only 15.1 innings; that isn’t enough, especially with Dinelson Lamet now out with another arm injury. In four starts, Snell hasn’t gotten an out after the 5th inning.

Aces on a pitching staff have to give the bullpens a breather, or else the bullpens will get worn out as the summer goes on.

5) College football teams will have to try 2-point conversions after TD’s in the second overtime period of games rather than the third, according to a change approved Thursday by the NCAA.

If the game is still tied after the second OT, then they’ll do 2-point conversion shootouts, kind of the way the NHL does their shootouts.

4) If the NBA regular season ended today, the Knicks would have home court edge in the first round of the playoffs— didn’t see that coming.

3) Baseball injuries: 

— Cubs put OF Joc Pederson (wrist) on IL
— Padres put P Dinelson Lamet (arm) on IL
— Giants put SS Donovan Solano (calf) on IL
— Marlins put 3B Brian Anderson (oblique) on IL.

2) I’m not fond of mock drafts; there are too many of them. I’m interesting in what a guy like Mel Kiper or Daniel Jeremiah on NFL Network, but when the same person does four of them, then throws in a bunch of trades, they’re just making stuff up for clickbait.

It becomes a waste of time.

Plus I root for the Rams, who haven’t made a first round pick since 2016, so it doesn’t matter as much to me as it does to other fans.

1) NL East standings:
7-7: Mets
9-9: Phillies
8-10: Marlins, Braves
7-9: Nationals

Going to be an interesting summer in that division.

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