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— Monday is Memorial Day, but eight major league teams have the day off. Memorial Day and Labor Day used to be big baseball days, doubleheaders and all. Seems strange that when they made the schedule, they have eight teams not playing on a holiday.

— Celtics 110, Heat 97
Boston led 61-44 at halftime.
Butler was held to 14 points.
Miami was minus-7 (16-9) in turnovers.

— Dallas 3, Vegas 2 OT
Five of seven meetings between these teams this year have gone to overtime.
Pavelski scored a power play goal at 3:18 of overtime for the win.
Golden Knights still lead series, 3-1.

— Braves 6, Phillies 5
This was the Phillies’ 50th game this season, just their 4th game vs NL East foes.

— Rockies 7, Marlins 6
Colorado blew a 6-2 lead in the ninth inning.
Rookie SS Tovar had the walk-off single for Colorado.

— Mets 10, Cubs 1
Mets scored first for the 2nd time in their last 18 games.

— Mariners 3, A’s 2— Seattle had man on first, one out in bottom of 8th. Ty France hits a pop-up to the shortstop, who lets the ball drop and gets the force at second- the runner on first was fast, so this was a smart play.

Seattle scored later in that inning anyway, but at least the A’s did something smart.

— Cardinals 2, Reds 1— St Louis won 13 of its last 18 games.

— Padres 8, Nationals 6
Nationals took lead, scoring five runs in 7th inning.
Odor hit a game-winning 3-run homer in top of the ninth.

— New England Patriots were docked two days of off-season practices after it was found the franchise violated offseason rules, as far as having players spend too much time in meetings during their off-season program.

— There was an article on the Interweb how NBA personnel people weren’t impressed by the prospects at the NBA Combine last week. 39 players wouldn’t even play in the scrimmages they had there.

Week 7 USFL trends:
Last two weeks, under is 7-1 in USFL games

Birmingham (-1.5) vs New Orleans
Stallions (4-2)
4-0 allowing 20 or less points; gave up 45-27 in losses.
3-3 ATS (favored in every game)
1-1 in games decided by 7 or less points.
under 4-2

Breakers (4-2)
lost last two games (10-17/10-16) after a 4-0 start
last three games stayed under total.
5 of 6 games decided by 7 or less points.
1-0 ATS as an underdog

New Orleans (+6) beat Stallions 45-32 in Week 3.

Philadelphia (even) vs Pittsburgh
Stars (3-3)
Won last two games, after a 1-3 start.
3-0 in games decided by 6 or less points.
Losses are by 14-8-25 points.
4 of last 5 games stayed under total.

Maulers (2-4)
0-4 if they give up more than 13 points.
Two wins were 21-13/23-7
under 4-2
0-4 if they score less than 21 points.

Pittsburgh (+6) beat Stars 21-13 in Week 3.

Houston (-3) vs Memphis
Gamblers (4-2)
won last four games, after an 0-2 start
2-1 ATS as a favorite
over 4-2

4-0 if they allow less than 29 points
losses were 29-13/38-31

Showboats (3-3)
won last three games, after an 0-3 start.
allowed 27-42-30 points in losses; 10-10-0 in wins
under four of last five games
3-3 ATS; have been underdog in every game.

Houston (-3) beat Memphis 30-26 in Week 3. 

Michigan vs New Jersey (-6.5)
Panthers (2-4)
lost last four games, after a 2-0 start
scored 13 or fewer points in all four losses.
2-1 ATS as an underdog.
last five games stayed under total.

Generals (2-4)
lost last three games, by 3-3-6 points.
Allowed 3-13 points in wins; 0-4 giving up more than 13.
1-2 ATS as a favorite.
Five of six games stayed under total.

New Jersey (+4) beat Panthers 28-13 in Week 3. 

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