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13) Bet you can remember where you were 27 years ago tonight; 27 years ago tonight was the OJ Simpson car chase, captured live and in color by every network in America, except the one that had an NBA Finals game on (Knicks-Houston).

A white Ford Bronco driving along the freeways of Los Angeles, trailed by a parade of police cars, being cheered by onlookers. People cheering for a retired football star suspected of murder. What a weird night; think I saw three minutes of the basketball game, and I love basketball. 

12) If someone had asked me this trivia question today, I’d have sat here for hours before getting the right answer. Who is the only major league ballplayer, who in each of the last five years, including this one, hit 15+ home runs?  

I’ll give you a few minutes to think about it and post the answer at the end of today’s Den.

11) Bucks 104, Nets 89:
— Series is tied 3-3.
— Giannis/Middleton combined for 68 points.
— Durant scored 32 points, other four starters scored 42.

10) Padres 6, Reds 4:
— If you bet the under in this game, skip to the next paragraph.
— Padres led 2-0 after eight innings; both teams scored 4 runs in the ninth.
— Victor Caratini walked it off with a homer for San Diego.

9) Dallas Mavericks won the NBA title ten years ago, but haven’t won a playoff series since; this week, they fired GM Donnie Nelson, after 16 years as the head of the Dallas front office. Not sure which one of these two happened first, but coach Rick Carlisle is out after 13 years as the coach of the Mavericks.

Dallas employs a guy named Haralobos Voulgaris as director of quantitative research and development; he used to be a professional gambler. Apparently Voulgaris won a power struggle with Nelson/Carlisle for owner Mark Cuban’s ear, so now the franchise takes a new direction.

8) Quick baseball notes:
— San Diego Padres are 0-8 in Blake Snell’s road starts.
— Oakland A’s are 7-0 in Chris Bassitt’s road starts. 
— New York Mets are 6-0 in Taijuan Walker’s home starts.

7) Giants 10, Arizona 3— Diamondbacks set a new record, losing their 23rd straight road game; their last road win was April 25, when Madison Bumgarner threw his 7-inning no-hitter.

Indians 10, Orioles 3— Baltimore has lost its last 19 road games. When the amateur draft happens next month, Orioles better be drafting a lot of pitchers.

6) Mariners 6, Rays 5— Seattle scored twice in 9th, walking it off on a Kyle Seager single. Rays are 0-3 since Tyler Glasnow hurt his arm.

5) I still have no idea why the Rams made the blockbuster deal with Detroit to get QB Matthew Stafford, but there is this:
— In Sean McVay’s first two years coaching LA, the Rams were +18 in turnovers.
— Last two years, Rams were minus-3 in turnovers.

4) Baltimore Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson ran the ball for 1,005 yards LY, 200 yards more than any of his teammates.

3) Richmond Spiders are going to have a very experienced basketball team next winter, with two 5th-year seniors, and two 6th-year seniors starting. Remember, everyone who played college LY can come back and play this year. That’ll be a big thing to keep track of.

2) It has taken me a while to get used to 7-inning doubleheaders, and its going to take time for me to get used to a 17-game NFL regular season. The 16-game season started in 1978, when I was in college. Regular season doesn’t end this year until January 9th.

Answer to the really hard quiz: Cleveland SS Jose Ramirez is the only major league ballplayer, who in each of the last five years, including this one, has hit 15+ home runs.

1) If the playoffs started today (they don’t):
NL— Mets, Cubs, Giants. Wild Card: Milwaukee @ Dodgers
AL— Rays, White Sox, A’s. Wild Card: Houston @ Boston

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