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13) Later this month, the NCAA is expected to approve a new rule, where players can transfer once, without sitting out a year— they’re not eligible if they’ve already transferred.

This is expected to cause chaos for a while, in both football/basketball; it’ll be just like baseball, rich teams poaching from the not-so-rich. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out. 

12) Baylor just won the national championship in basketball; 54% of their points this season came from players who transferred into Baylor.

11) My fantasy baseball team is desperate for a catcher who can hit; Jorge Alfaro looks terrible, so I added Tucker Barnhart, but he platoons. One of three things needs to happen:

— I added Yermin Mercedes, the White Sox’ hitting prodigy who is supposedly a catcher but hasn’t caught in a big league game yet, so he isn’t eligible to use behind the plate until the White Sox put him there.
— Texas Rangers have a kid in the minors (Sam Huff) who can hit— he was 11-31 in a brief cameo in the majors last year, but right now he is getting more experience in the minors.
— Mariners’ utility guy Todd France is supposedly their emergency catcher; would be nice of Seattle had an emergency and let France catch for an inning or two.

10) 30 or so years ago, I spent 11 months of my life working as a court assistant in a county courthouse. Interesting experience; the best part were the actual trials. I would swear the witnesses in, keep an inventory of the evidence, all that stuff.

One thing I learned, and I heard this from more than one lawyer; in a criminal trial, if the defendant is innocent, he/she will testify. If they’re guilty, not so much.

9) Actually, the best part of that job was the first Friday of each month, the matrimonial conferences; only people present were the husband/wife, their lawyers, the judge, the court stenographer and me. 

Some funny stuff happened, but you’re sitting there out in the open- you’d better not laugh.

8) One rule I’d be in favor of; when the playoffs start, the highest-seeded team can choose which team they play in the first round of the playoffs. They used to do this in the G-League, we do it in our fantasy baseball league. Makes things a little more interesting, plus it would make for good television, when the teams announced their choices.

7) A’s 8, Detroit 4:
— Detroit pitchers walked 12 guys; they threw 51 pitches, just in the 6th inning.
— Thru six innings, Tiger pitchers threw 161 pitches, Oakland pitchers 82.

6) Few years ago in July, I’m sitting in a Las Vegas casino playing video poker, watching the Diamondbacks— their game goes 12 innings. At the same time, and this is a Friday night, the third round of the British Open is starting on the TV next to the baseball game. 

So at the same time, I’m watching a Friday night baseball game and Saturday morning golf. As if I wasn’t confused enough, then I hit a jackpot at video poker. Pretty good night.

5) Utah State hired Ryan Odom to be its new basketball coach, making the long move from UMBC; it is unusual in that Odom brings all three of his assistants with him to Logan. Usually, one of the three assistants would inherit the job Odom left behind, but UMBC hired the guy that was Penn State’s interim coach last year.

Odom went 29-17 in conference games in the three years since he upset Virginia in the NCAA Tournament, the only #1-#16 upset ever.

Utah State won 74 games the last three years; he is inheriting a good program in a league that hasn’t been getting better. Will be interesting to see how Richard Pitino/Kevin Kruger do in the Mountain West, having been hired at New Mexico/UNLV.

4) I read this on the Interweb, so it has to be true; French people sleep an average of 8.83 hours/day, more than any other country.

3) Washington Nationals are batting their pitcher 8th; this isn’t a good idea. Tony LaRussa started this near the end of his tenure in St Louis, so it gained credibility, and at one point, several teams tried it, but don’t think anyone ever did it in a playoff game, which would’ve been the ultimate endorsement.

Hopefully next year everyone will use the DH and this argument will be put to rest.

2) I was amusing myself the other night by looking thru, pricing hotels in Las Vegas during football season for this fall; I could really go for a chicken salad sandwich at the Carnegie Deli at The Mirage, especially with a Dr Brown’s soda.

Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

1) I’m getting my first vaccine shot April 25; it was supposed to be in a tent in a parking at the college I went to, but they’re moving the vaccine site to a mall a half-mile away. I’m thinking this is a good thing, don’t have to worry about the weather interrupting things.

But the vaccine site is right across the hall from the Apple store; this could get expensive. 

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