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13) This is the first time I can remember local TV guys talking about their teams selling off good players at the trade deadline. Heard announcers for the Cubs/Oakland openly speculate on whether Willson Contreras or Frankie Montas will be dealt before August 2. 

12) Baltimore Ravens’ kicker Justin Tucker has made his last 57 field goals in the 4th quarter or overtime; is he the greatest kicker ever? 

11) NBA Summer League announcers will have their hands full; Oklahoma City has Jaylin Williams and they have Jalen Williams. I think they’re going to call them by their uniform numbers, just to differentiate the two. 

10) This season in the major leagues, when a team has runner on third and less than two outs, the runner scores 54.5% of the time. 

9) Starting pitches are throwing an average of 84.4 pitches per start this season. Generally if a guy gets thru the other team’s lineup twice (18 batters), teams are pretty happy. Only 36 of 150 starting pitchers are averaging 90+ pitches/start.

Sandy Alcantara (102.7), Corbin Burnes (100.2) are only two averaging 100+ pitches/start. 

8) Oklahoma City rookie Chet Holmgren scored 17 ppg in his first two summer league games, but wow, he looked really tired by the end of the second game Wednesday night. He played 24.9 minutes/game, blocking 8 shots in the two games. 

7) 2020 college championship rings that used to belong to RB Keilan Robinson are listed for sale by a Las Vegas pawn shop for $60,000.

Robinson transferred to Texas from Alabama last year. He was not on the Crimson Tide’s active roster in 2020, having opted out due to COVID-19.

SEC, Rose Bowl and College Football Playoff championship rings are being sold by the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop — home of the TV show “Pawn Stars”- the rings will make an appearance on the TV show next season.

6) Colorado Rockies are 6-26 in their last 32 games at Dodger Stadium. 

5) Nashville-San Jose will start the next NHL season by playing a couple of games in Prague, Czech Republic; Columbus-Colorado ares playing a couple of games in Finland in November. 

4) Aaron Judge turned down a 7-year contract for $213.5M in April; what is he going to make now, since he is having such a great season?  Speaking of which, what will Shohei Ohtani get when his contract is up? Ohtani is doing things no one has done before.

3) I was surprised to hear that Washington Wizards’ star Bradley Beal is the only NBA player with a no-trade contract. In fact, only 10 NBA players ever have had a no-trade deal. 

2) I’m not sure which birthday made me feel older; Sylvester Stallone turning 76 this week, or golfer Justin Leonard turning 50 last month— he is going to play on the Senior Tour for the first time this weekend. 

1) NFL is promoting the growth of flag football internationally; they’re hoping it’ll be an Olympic sport in 2028, when the Olympics will be in Los Angeles. 

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