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Bengals 27, Dolphins 15
— Cincy allowed only four TD’s on 46 drives this season.
— Bengals outscored opponents 48-15 in second half this year.
— Cincy converted 8-15 on third down, Miami 2-10.
— McPherson made a 57-yard FG to put Bengals up, 20-15.
— Burrow averaged 9.2 yards/pass attempt.

— Miami QB Tagovailoa suffered head/neck injuries in first half.
— Backup QB Bridgewater threw for 193 yards and a TD.
— Miami in first half: 34 plays, 235 yards, TD, 2-3 on FG’s.
— Miami in second half: 30 plays, 181 yards, one FG.
— Cincinnati outscored Dolphins 13-0 in 4th quarter.

— Pet peeve of mine; NFL needs teams to have three QB’s active for every game; Miami had their #3 QB active for this one, but usually teams don’t. If the starting QB gets hurt early in a game, they’re behind the 8-ball with play calling, since they’re screwed if the #2 QB also gets hurt. Plus it hurts the quality of the product to have teams so cautious.

NFL teams are incredibly rich; keeping one more guy on the active roster to preserve the quality of the product should be no big deal.

— Joe Burrow has already been sacked 16 times this season; Carson Wentz has been sacked 15 times. Detroit’s Jared Goff has only been sacked four times.

— Speaking of the Lions, offensive coordinator Ben Johnson was a walk-on QB at North Carolina from 2004-07; he was a Math major in college. 15 years later, he is on a fast track to become an NFL head coach.

BYU 38, Utah State 26
— BYU went up 14-7 on a 34-yard pick-6 in first quarter.
— Game was 17-all at halftime.
— BYU averaged 10 yards per pass attempt.
— Utah State is 12-6 ATS in last 17 non-league games

— Orioles’ 5-3 loss in Boston Thursday clinched a Wild Card spot for Toronto.

— Phillies-Nationals’ doubleheader was switched from Saturday to Friday because of the impending bad weather; teams are still scheduled to play a single game Saturday, but that could turn into a Sunday doubleheader. 

— People with the Minnesota Twins were praising the 2023 schedule, when every team will play every other team for the first time. Smaller market teams like the idea of big stars visiting their ballpark at least once every other year. 

The flip side of the new schedule is that hitters will face the same pitcher fewer teams from now on, since there will be fewer divisional games. That equates to less offense, which supposedly the powers-that-be don’t want- they want more scoring, which is why the shift is going to be banned starting next year.

— In 2004, Barry Bonds was INTENTIONALLY walked 120 times; in his career he got 688 intentional walks, the equivalent of a whole season of at-bats.

— Cubs 2, Phillies 0— Phillies lead Milwaukee by a half-game for the last Wild Card in the NL; they went 0-6 against the 70-86 Cubs this season.

— Marlins 4, Brewers 2— Milwaukee led 2-0 in 8th inning but blew the lead, which is why the Phillies are still ahead of them in the standings, with six days left in the season.

— Tampa Bay leads the Orioles by five games with six to play, as they try to sew up the last Wild Card slot in the American League.

— Amazon Prime is a treasure trove of old movies; the other night I’m up at 3am watching Three Days of the Condor, an old Robert Redford movie from 1975. Great movie, with Faye Dunaway. Also watched Crazy Heart that night, an old Jeff Bridges movie about an aging country singer. 

As I type this, I’m watching Autumn in New York, with Richard Gere/Wynona Rider. Lot of good stuff on there.

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