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13) Trade deadline is going to be fascinating in baseball this summer, as teams try to keep their rosters fresh with healthy bodies. Guys are dropping like flies; will big market contenders part with prospects to try and acquire players who will help them win now, seeing how everyone should be operating at 100% capacity attendance-wise, by the end of June? 

12) Bucks 113, Heat 84:
— Milwaukee leads series 3-0, winning last two games by 34-29 points.
— Miami was 20-50 on arc in Game 1, lost in OT; they haven’t been the same since.
— Dragic started this game for the Heat but went only 3-14 from floor.

11) Nuggets 120, Blazers 115:
— Denver grabs a 2-1 series lead.
— Carmelo Anthony is minus-29 in 69:00 in this series.
— Jokic scored 36 points, had 11 rebounds, five assists.

10) Lakers 109, Suns 95:
— LA grabs a 2-1 series lead.
— Suns scored only 12 points in second quarter.
— Anthony Davis scored 34 points, grabbed 11 rebounds.

9) Orioles’ CF Cedric Mullins is 17-44 this season in the first inning, the most first inning hits of any major leaguer so far this season.

8) Cubs 5, Pirates 3— Chicago’s bullpen has thrown 34.2 consecutive scoreless innings, the best stretch in franchise history. Cubs now trail St Louis by only a half-game in NL Central.

7) Have to feel bad for Pirates’ P Tyler Anderson; he gave up two extra runs in this game after his 1B made the worst defensive play I’ve ever seen in a big league game.

Man on second, two out, Javy Baez hits a grounder to 3rd; throw pulls the 1B off the bag, but he is standing there with the ball, blocking Baez from getting to the bag.

Instead of giving up, Baez retreats towards home and the 1B chases him like an idiot, instead of just going and touching first base. When the 1B sees the running from second trying to score, he actually flips the ball to the catcher, and Diaz sprints to an uncovered first base.

The guy “scoring” from second wouldn’t have scored if he had just tagged Baez. Totally brain dead; if I was the Pirates’ GM, I’d have sent the 1B down to AAA or released him.

In Anderson’s last home start, a high pop up between the mound and home plate landed untouched with two out in an inning; next batter hit a two-run homer. The guy has no luck.

6) Cubs TV guy/former MLB pitcher Jim Deshaies was telling a story on the air Wednesday, about when he was teammates with John Elway in the NY-Penn League, with Oneonta.

Elway considered baseball his summer job; he knew his future was in football; Deshaies was saying that Elway, a lefty hitter, was a skilled bunter who would drag bunts for hits, and that he probably would’ve made the majors, had he stuck with baseball. Elway hit .318 with a .432 on-base %age, in his one season with Oneonta.

I’m thinking he made the right career choice.

5) Brewers 6, Padres 5 (10)— Jackie Bradley Jr had his first game-winning RBI in 3,448 career plate appearances, which was the most PA’s of any active player without a walk-off RBI. Jake Lamb (2,359) now has the most.

4) MLB suspended former Mets’ manager Mickey Callaway thru 2022 and the Angels fired him as pitching coach, following an investigation into sexual harassment allegations.

3) College football over/under win totals are out; not a lot of respect for UNLV’s squad, as they start their first season in front of fans as the new Allegiant Stadium. UNLV’s win total for this season is a paltry 1.5.

2) They released the college bowl schedule this week; things kick off on December 17, with the Bahamas Bowl and Belk Bowl.

1) December 29, there is a Fenway Bowl at 11am, followed by the Pinstripe Bowl at 2:15. I’m not sure college kids are going to be real excited about freezing their butts off in Boston/Bronx on a Wednesday afternoon in late December.

Hawai’i Bowl is Christmas Eve; I expect to be watching that in a casino in the desert. Nothing says you have no social life as much as watching a bowl game in a casino on Christmas Eve!!!!

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