Friday’s Den: Random stuff on a snowy night…….

13) Eagles traded QB Carson Wentz to Indianapolis, for a 3rd round pick in April’s draft and a 2nd round pick in 2022, which could become a 1st round pick if Wentz plays well.

Eagles won a Super Bowl since drafting Wentz, but he got hurt late in the Super Bowl season and Nick Foles led the team to their playoff wins. Wentz went 14-26 ATS the last three years; he will be reunited with Frank Reich, one of his OC’s in Philadelphia.

12) Colts’ starting QB’s over the last three years, and next year:
2018: Andrew Luck
2019: Jacoby Brissett
2020: Philip Rivers
2021: Carson Wentz

11) From 2009-2016, there were 22 quarterbacks taken in the first round of the draft; of those 22 QB’s, none of them are still on the team that drafted them. Zero.

10) This list will grow: NFL teams that will have a new starting QB in September:
— Rams (Stafford)
— Lions (Goff)
— Colts (Wentz)
— Eagles (Hurts)
— Saints (????)

9) Phillies catcher JT Realmuto signed a five-year, $115M contract this winter, then broke his right thumb on the first day of spring training. Not good. He is expected to miss a month, could be ready for Opening Day.

8) They’re really going to have the dunk contest at halftime of the All-Star Game? How long does the freakin’ dunk contest take? Has to be close to an hour, yes?

You’re going to tell the highest-paid players in the NBA that they have to sit around for an hour, then play ball for another half? What if one of them gets hurt? How is this a good idea? Have the dunk contest after the game- people who care about it will still watch.

7) When I’m watching basketball this season and coaches are wearing masks, if the guy has a suit and tie on, it looks weird. Like it better when coaches wear casual clothes.

6) Caesars Sportsbook posted the Dodgers’ win total this season at 104.5, the highest total for any team over the last 32 seasons. 

Pittsburgh’s total is 58, the lowest total since the 1993 Marlins.

5) Minor league baseball teams will play 6-game series this season, to reduce travel and save money. Season will also last 2-3 weeks longer, ending in late September, which will reduce the amount of late season call-ups.

4) Weird moment in the Kentucky-Vanderbilt game Wednesday night; Kentucky had the ball out of bounds under, but just before the ref hands the kid the ball to start play, they realize Kentucky has six guys on the court. Technical foul, not good. Doesn’t happen very often.

The benches in Vanderbilt’s arena are on the baseline, which is weird and probably added to the confusion, but it still wasn’t good. Kentucky led by 17 early, hung on and won by 3.

3) Klay Thompson finished 9th in All-Star voting among Western Conference guards; he’s played as much as I have this year. How do you vote for a guy to make the All-Star team who hasn’t played a second this season?

2) I had forgotten that Tony LaRussa is managing the White Sox this season; they’ve improved their roster and big things are expected. LaRussa is 76 years old; he hasn’t managed in 10 years.

1) Second day of spring training was a better one for my Oakland A’s; they signed 1B/DH Mitch Moreland, P Trevor Rosenthal. After trading DH Khris Davis, they needed another bat. 

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