Friday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) Was watching couple of NFL Films features last night, one on Kurt Warner, one on his Rams teammate, Marshall Faulk.

Back in 1999, I would go out to a local bar on NFL Sundays to watch the Rams on the satellite dish; Rams had been bad for several years, but at the start of that season, they were obviously way better, and it was excellent. I remember laughing and saying to a friend of mine “They score every time they have the ball” It was the most fun year to be a fan, and I wound up in St Louis that January to watch them win the NFC Championship. A very excellent day.

12) Ever hear of Al Luginbill? He was Marshall Faulk’s college coach at San Diego State, and Kurt Warner’s coach with the Amsterdam Admirals in the World League, so this is a guy who had a hell of a lot to do with the Rams winning Super Bowl XXXIV.

Faulk is from New Orleans, but the big time southern schools wanted him to play DB, not be a running back, because is only 5-foot-9. Thats how he wound up at San Diego State- they gave him a chance to be a running back, and the rest is history.

His running backs coach with the Aztecs? A guy named Sean Payton.

11) Do you realize we’ve probably seen pitchers hit for the last time ever?

Only way a pitcher will bat now is if the backup catcher is a DH and the starter gets hurt, or if a game goes deep into extra innings. The universal DH is here, and that is a good thing.

10) Former big league pitcher Dan Haren tweeted this:

“Adding to my HOF credentials I’m the last pitcher in history to have a 4 hit game.”

9) Davey Johnson was a very good major league manager, but boy did he have an odd career:

1984-90— Mets 595-417, won ’86 World Series, made playoffs twice
1993-95— Reds 204-172, lost NLCS in ’95, then left
1996-97— Orioles Went 88-74, 98-64, made playoffs, then left.
1999-2000— Dodgers Went 77-85, 86-76, didn’t make playoffs.
2011-13— Nationals Went 98-64, 86-76 in his two full seasons there.

Why didn’t he last anywhere but in New York?

8) Speaking of the Nationals, they’ve had winning seasons the last eight years, but they’ve done it with four different managers, which is bizarre.

7) Former major league pitcher Dan Straily pitches for the Lotte Giants in the KBO now, and he is pitching very well, but he is 0-0, 1.34 in his last five starts. In his nine starts, Lotte has scored two or fewer runs six times. Despite that, they’re 5-4 in his starts.

6) When a KBO game starts and is then rained out before it is an official game, they just pick it up again from that spot the next day. Not a bad idea.

5) I’ve enjoyed watching old college football games on ESPNU and whatever other channels are showing games; you get reminded of stuff from 20-30 years that I had forgotten about.

In the 80’s/90’s, lot of college football teams had very primitive passing games. Georgia beat Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl one year; halfway thru the 4th quarter, the Dawgs were 0-10 passing for the game, yet they won.

4) FS1 and ESPN2 are starting to show Australian Rules Football games now, which is fun; back in the earlier days of ESPN, they show lot of the AFL. We had no idea what the rules were/are, but there was a lot of action, and the guys who play that game are very tough.

Beats the hell out of watching freakin’ cornhole.

3) Philadelphia Eagles lost guard Brandon Brooks with a torn achilles; he won’t play at all this season, is expected back for 2021. Big loss for the Eagles.

2) RIP to former big league pitcher Mike McCormack 81, who passed away this week.
— He won the ’67 Cy Young Award, going 22-10 for the Giants.
— He hit the 500th major league home run that was hit by a pitcher.
— He also gave up Henry Aaron’s 500th home run.

1) I cannot emphasize this enough:
— Wearing a mask in public keeps you safer, and other people safer.
— Wearing a mask isn’t a political statement; I do not belong to either political party, and yet I wear a mask, because I want to stay alive, and I want my friends to stay alive, too.
— Wearing a mask is a sign of respect for other people.
— Science is undeniable; let’s stay safe until there is a vaccine, then we can put the masks away, although I do think I look better with a mask on.  🙂

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