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13) The Big 14 announced Thursday  that it will go to a conference-only season for all fall sports, including football, amid “unprecedented times” during the coronavirus pandemic.

What it probably really means is that they’re stalling for a month, buying time until they decide to put off the entire 2020 season, maybe postponing the season until the spring.

12) Westgate SuperBook posted an over/under on the number of Super Bowls Kansas City will win over the next 11 years, the length of time Patrick Mahomes is signed up for:

Over 1.5 Super Bowls (over -$125)
Under 1.5 (+$105)

11) Pro Tip of the Day: If you’re a part-owner of a professional basketball team, its probably a terrible idea to speak out against the Black Lives Matter movement.

— Kelly Loeffler is a rich person; she was appointed as a US Senator from Georgia after the real Senator became ill and had to quit.
— She is married to the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange
— Back in March, she was investigated for insider trading after she dumped millions of dollars in stocks at the start of the Coronavirus debacle.

— She is a co-owner of the Atlanta team in the WNBA.
— “[Black Lives Matter] is a very divisive organization based on marxist principles. This is an organization that seeks to destroy the American principles and I had to draw the line.”

Ummmm, not sure how much a WNBA team is worth, but night be a good idea for her to dump her stock in that, too. The Atlanta players have to be pretty ticked off about all this.

10) NFL Network showed an old playoff game from 2014, when Seattle beat the Packers 28-22 in OT; Green Bay had the ball and a 19-6 lead with 4:30 left, but lost the game. No bueno.

Packers botched an onside kick that allowed Seattle to take the lead in the last 2:00; Green Bay tied the game with a late FG, but Seahawks scored a TD in OT and that was that. Helluva game.

9) Was looking thru some old baseball drafts; the first round in 1980 was interesting:
1st pick— Darryl Strawberry, Mets
22nd pick— Terry Francona, Montreal
23rd pick— Billy Beane, Mets

8) Royals’ manager Mike Matheny had a few concussions when he was a big league catcher; he was one of the driving forces behind the rule changes that eliminated most of the contact on plays around home plate.

7) Unless they meet in the playoffs, this will be the first time since 1873 that the Cubs-Braves don’t play against each other. Thats 1873, not 1973.

6) Major League Baseball released their 2021 schedules today; not really sure why. We’re still trying to get our hands around a shortened 2020 season. Maybe they want season ticket holders to defer their payments from this year’s tickets to next year’s games.

Opening Day next year appears to be April 1, which I hope isn’t an April Fools’ joke.

5) New Jersey Devils named Lindy Ruff as their new coach; Ruff coached Buffalo Sabres for 15 years, Dallas Stars for four— his career record is 736-554-78 in regular season, 66-54 in playoff games. His Sabres won the Eastern Conference in 1999.

4) Rumors on the Interweb have Tom Thibodeau rated as the favorite to become the next coach of the New York Knicks. Seems unlikely; the Knicks don’t do smart things very often.

3) Remember the movie Risky Business, where Tom Cruise is a high school kid who hires a hooker while his parents are out of town?

Rebecca DeMornay played Lana, the hooker; her friend Vicky was played by an actress named Shera Danese, who in real life was married to Peter Falk for 33 years, before Mr Falk passed away in 2011. She appeared in six episodes of Columbo, the show that made her husband famous.

Sundance TV has been airing Columbo a lot recently; was an interesting show.

2) After giving this way too much thought, I would like our country to abolish the Electoral College; make it simple- whoever gets the most votes wins. It is an interesting concept, make the Presidential election like every other election in the country.

1) I ordered a college football magazine on the phone Thursday, and felt bad when the woman who took my order said she was worried that if there was no college football season, she would lose her job. This is real life stuff; lot of people have been hurt by the government’s incompetent response to this horrific virus.

Can you imagine autumn Saturdays in the south without college football? Me either.

TV highlight of the day: Two showing of Rounders made for a good night. 

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