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13) Hawai’i has opted out of its own bowl game, due to COVID/other stuff, and Memphis is obviously already there- Friday night’s Hawai’i Bowl is off. Too bad. Apparently 30 people in the Hawai’i program tested positive for COVID- they also lost some transfers.

Lost opportunity for both teams; there are no sports on TV Friday night, none, so three hours of Memphis-Houston exposure would’ve had to help both teams’ recruiting efforts.

12) Titans 20, 49ers 17:
— San Francisco led game 10-0 at halftime.
— 49ers drove 95 yards to tie game 17-17 with 2:20 left.
— Titans kicked 41-yard FG at 0:00 for the win.
— 49ers are 2-6 SU when they score fewer than 30 points.

— Titans’ WR Brown caught 11 passes for 145 yards and a TD.
— 49ers outgained Tennessee, 389-278.
— Titans were 9-16 on third down, San Francisco 3-8.
— Tennessee is 18-10 ATS last 28 games as an underdog.

11) A reminder that Titans’ QB Ryan Tannehill was a WR his first two years at Texas A&M, but was moved to QB by Aggies coach Mike Sherman, whose son-in-law is Zac Taylor, who now coaches the Cincinnati Bengals.

My lasting memory of Tannehill will always be HBO’s Hard Knocks, when Tannehill was a rookie in Miami. He is sitting in the QB room with Matt Moore, one of the other QB’s, and Tannehill says he doesn’t know who the other three teams in the AFC East are. 

“How do you not know that???” Moore was incredulous. Good television.

10) All NFL teams take a team picture every season, but the Indianapolis Colts don’t post that year’s picture in their facility, unless the team makes the playoffs.

9) Huge tip of the cap to NFL Films, the NFL and HBO for the in-season Hard Knocks show; very good, lot more to work with than during training camp. Colts are cooperating by going on a run while the show has been airing.

8) Major League Baseball really needs to imitate what NFL Films does; they need to expose their game to more and more people, so people can see how great the game is.

Imagine a Hard Knocks-type show in spring training? Showing guys getting sent down to AAA or released, then showing the inner workings of a team for part of a regular season?

This would be a huge success, would expose the game to younger viewers. Every sport needs to grow its fanbase; if you get arrogant, that fanbase could shrink.

7) Missouri QB Connor Bazelak entered the transfer portal after Missouri lost 24-22 to Army in their bowl game (Bazelak didn’t play in that game). Bazelak has two years of eligibility left.

6) Vanderbilt 69, BYU 67:
— Scotty Pippen Jr scored 23 for the winners.
— Vandy-Stanford for the tournament title Saturday night.
— BYU is 4-3 in its last seven games, after a 6-0 start.

5) Stanford 79, Liberty 76:
— Liberty led this game 28-15 early on.
— Stanford made 12-20 on arc, but missed 10 foul shots.
— Darius McGhee scored 41 of Liberty’s 76 points.

4) Indiana Pacers are 0-7 ATS this season as a road favorite. 

3) Sounds like rookie Ian Book will start at QB for New Orleans Monday night against the Dolphins; not even sure if they have a backup QB, with Siemian/Hill both out. Would they use RB Alvin Kamara as a Wildcat QB if they needed an emergency QB?

2) 49ers’ loss Thursday night puts Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs; Dallas/Green Bay are only two teams that have clinched a playoff spot.

1) Back in 1972, Robert Irsay traded the Los Angeles Rams franchise to Carroll Rosenbloom; he got the Baltimore Colts in return. 11 years later, Irsay moved the Colts to Indianapolis.

It would take too long to detail the drama the Rams franchise went through after that deal, with Rams moving from LA to Anaheim to St Louis, Rosenbloom’s widow’s hometown. After she died, they got smart and moved back to Los Angeles a few years ago.

Could you imagine if a franchise swap like that happened today? 

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