Friday’s Den: A small sampling of Super Bowl prop bets

You can bet on almost anything in Sunday’s Super Bowl. Here are interesting prop bets (this is just a small sample— the entire menu of bets is a 40-page document)

13) As I type this, Chiefs are a 3-point favorite, with a total of 56.

Chiefs, over/under 29.5 points

Bucs, over/under 26.5 points

12) Over/under passing yards for Patrick Mahomes: 331.5

Over/under passing yards for Tom Brady: 306.5

11) Will the game be tied at any point, after 0-0?
Yes -$200, No -$240

10) Will there be a lead change in 4th quarter?
Yes +$110 No -$130

9) Receptions by Mike Evans: over/under 4.5

8) Longest reception for Tyreek Hill: over/under 27.5

7) Teams that will have the longest touchdown play:
Chiefs -$150, Buccaneers +$130

6) Will either team score three straight times?
Yes -$210, No -$180

5) Will either team score in first 6:30 of the game?
Yes -$155, No +$135

Will either team score in final 3:30 of the game?
Yes -$170, No +$150

4) Will Tom Brady throw an interception?
Yes -$140, No +$120

3) Longest touchdown play of the game: 46.5 yards

Shortest touchdown play of the game: 1.5 yards
Over +$150, Under -$170

2) Total yardage of all made field goals in game: 112.5 yards

1) Longest made field goal in game: 46.5 yards

Author: Armadillo Sports

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